A Technology Franchise Programmed For A Promising Future

Child sitting in front of a computer learning iCode coding language

As a parent, one of the top priorities is ensuring your child is successful. As an entrepreneur, your top priority is to ensure your business is successful. At iCode, we are able to achieve both of these goals with our proven and highly respected computer training school. We aren’t just any technology franchise. We focus on a specifically targeted niche of coding for kids and have refined the teaching process in a way that makes it fun, engaging, and effective.

It is important to note that according to an article by Upskilled, an estimated 16,000 new jobs a year are expected to open up in this job role alone, making coding a highly sought-after skill today and in the years to come. Within the workforce, future jobs will be heavily technology based and iCode is a technology franchise aimed at providing kids with the skill sets they need to have a brighter future. From gaining better career prospects to developing an authentic love for what they do, iCode is a computer training school that fulfills the demand of future generations.

Did you know that today, 77 percent of parents think that coding is one of the most important skills to learn in our digital age? That’s a lot of untapped potential for a technology franchise like iCode to convert into profits. By partnering with passionate and capable franchise partners like you, iCode will prove to be a technology franchise where kids will learn to code, parents will be happy, iCode franchisees can obtain financial freedom, and the economy can benefit greatly. It sounds like iCode is programmed for long-term success — and we are ready for you to be a part of building a business that helps to build the bright minds of the future..

Teaching Technology That Builds Upon Foundational Life Skills

There’s a lot to love about iCode, but one of the more attractive aspects of our technology franchise is the way in which it teaches more than just coding. In addition to learning seven coding languages, there are many worthwhile life skills that students gain when participating in our exciting programs. iCode is a computer training school that implements a dynamic curriculum designed to satisfy curiosity, build confidence, encourage teamwork, and enhance problem-solving abilities. The programs will allow students to develop these foundational skills and encourage them to continuously build upon them. In choosing to become an iCode franchisee, you’ll play an important role in positively impacting the children in your community.

Owning an iCode franchise is an opportunity to take pride in helping young minds to pursue their passion in a creative, collaborative, positive environment. Every iCode franchise is more than a computer training school. It is a space filled with the optimism and inspiration every child craves – and deserves. For these children, it is the first stop on their journey toward making the most of the limitless possibilities that await them in the real world and ultimately, reaching their full potential.

Full STEAM Ahead With Multiple Revenue Streams

Child sitting in front of a computer learning iCode coding language

iCode is the leader in onsite computer science education and based on the wide array of courses we offer and the proprietary curriculum we deliver, it should come as no surprise. Your iCode technology franchise will provide program options for every learner at every level, giving you a larger target demographic and a greater income potential. The curriculum at our computer training schools span across the multiple STEAM disciplines: science, technology, engineering, arts, and math literacy. In addition to having the advantage of our dynamic curriculum that allows you to stay relevant in the rapidly evolving technology industry, every iCode franchisee will be able to tout the following selling points:

  • Flexible Program Options – Designed to fit every age, skill level and accommodate the busiest of schedules
  • Critical Thinking – Reinforcing how to think like a coder, ask the right questions and solve problems step-by-step
  • High-Tech Labs – Providing hands-on experiences in our state-of-the-art classrooms filled with the latest and greatest technologies
  • College And Workforce Preparedness – Staying ahead of the curve with advanced boot camps guaranteed to foster self-motivation and determination

For all these reasons (and more), parents, students, and teachers love iCode! In fact, partnerships with schools and local universities make it easier for you to get kids to sign up for your programs and to recruit qualified instructors. These educational institutions understand the value of the iCode technology franchise and respect the brand reputation and proven business model that come along with it. So if you’re ready to make a difference doing something you love, iCode computer training school is the career shift that will give you a better alt to what you are currently doing. Not a coding expert? Not a problem! An interest in computer science or technology paired with a background in business or operations is all you need to get started. Oh, and a passion for helping kids to code their way to career success is equally as important. If you check all these boxes, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an iCode franchisee legend.