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Your Ultimate Guide to Buying a Franchise

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Franchising is a smart way to start a business, but a number of important decisions must be made before investing a large amount into buying one. 

In this guide to buying a franchise, we’ll understand what a franchise is, how a franchise runs its business, and the steps needed to buy a franchise.

What Is a Franchise?

A franchise is a license that permits a product or service to be sold under the franchisor’s brand name while also providing access to the franchisor’s unique business knowledge, methods, and trademarks. To open a franchise, the franchisee usually pays the franchisor an upfront start-up fee as well as annual licensing costs.

They offer their business model, intellectual property, patented name, reputation, and credit to another party called a franchisee, who uses the resources in turn to start a business according to the existing system.

Franchise vs. Starting from Scratch

Starting one’s own business is very different from owning a franchise. When you start your own business, you build everything from scratch. You decide the name, logo, and brand style. You manage the creativity, execution, and everything that goes with it.

Starting your own business is also a long process. You have to figure out everything from product offering to market to price. There’s also a big possibility that your business idea might not work. If you have never been in business before, starting from scratch can be overwhelming.

However, with a franchise, there is no need to start a business from scratch. Franchising allows you to use their name, branding, marketing support, and reputation to get a headstart. 

This makes starting a business much easier. If you’re a first-time entrepreneur, getting a franchise from a reputable franchisor can be one of your best investments.

Franchising Requirements

While franchising is often a smoother path, there are still requirements that must be considered. 

A franchisee will typically pay a commission or a one-time fee, called a lump-sum contribution, to the franchisor. The franchisee also would pay for any construction and equipment needed to open the business. During the partnership, the franchisee shares a certain percentage of revenue (gross income) with the franchisor. This fee is called a royalty or licensing fee.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying a Franchise

Now that we know what a franchise is, let’s look at how to secure a franchise business.

1. Be Confident in Your Decision

Owning a franchise requires a lot of attention, be it mental, physical, or financial; so be confident in your reasoning and analysis before owning one. You have to be sure that you’re up to the task!

2. Critically Research Which Franchise You Want to Own

The popularity of any brand name or franchise doesn’t make it the right choice for you. Spend a good amount of time researching before owning it. Here are some things that you should consider before deciding which franchise to buy:

  • Sales: Choose a franchise that has a solid track record of sales. 
  • A Growing Market: Getting started in a profitable market that might not exist two years from now is not a smart investment. Consider a franchise that is working in a growing market.
  • Competition: In every business, there will be competitors, but too much competition in close proximity might cause your business to fail.
  • Franchise Fees: Consider your financial investment and what you will receive for it. You should expect great training, marketing, and support.
  • Background Check: Speak with an existing franchise owner who can help you determine whether this is a business that you are passionate about, and if it is something you can and want to pursue.

3. Application Process

Just like the franchisee screens the franchisor and the franchise before investing, the application process is where the franchisor investigates the franchisee.

Review and return your franchise paperwork carefully and analytically. These contracts tend to be long and include complex language, so it may be beneficial to consult an attorney to help with this process.

4. Training and Support

Getting the training required can entrench a franchisee into the business. It will help with:

  • Branding and marketing
  • Products and services, including how to sell them
  • Payment technology, i.e., credit card processing
  • Sales tactics for this specific business model

Pursuing STEM Franchise Opportunities

The iCode franchise is among the best education franchise opportunities. They’re committed to helping you build a successful business in one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.

Those interested in technology, who have an interest in educating children, and who have a good grasp on how business works will be well suited for this franchise opportunity.

Are you ready to pursue successful franchise opportunities and inspire the next generation of young minds? Learn more about opening your iCode School today!

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Are You Ready For Business Ownership? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

Business ownership

People who are new to entrepreneurship often question if it’s the right move and if they will be able to manage all the responsibilities or if business ownership is even right for them. 

This article takes a look at five questions you should ask yourself before starting your own business.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting Started in Business Ownership

While there are hundreds of things you need to manage when starting your own business, asking these five questions can give you a broad overview of whether you’re ready for business ownership or not.

1. Are You a Problem Solver?

A large part of running a business is solving new problems. As you own and expand a business, challenges will always come; the trick is to view all of them as opportunities rather than setbacks. 

If you are easily disheartened by setbacks or bad news, you will find it difficult to persevere and enjoy the process of owning a business. Self-doubt, negative criticism from others, and impostor syndrome are all typical, particularly in the first year or two of business. 

The most successful business entrepreneurs can transform negative comments or real-time problems into inspiration. If you enjoy solving issues and aren’t easily discouraged, owning a business may be right for you.

2. Do You Have Creative Ideas?

If your friends and family frequently tell you, “You have the best ideas” or “You are so creative,” you might be a great fit for business ownership. 

When you operate a business, you should always explore new ideas for goods, marketing techniques, revenue growth, lead generation, and culture improvement.

If you’re a creative person, you might think that running a business isn’t for you. However, creativity is an important part of operating a business. 

Creativity helps in coming up with great ideas, which is a crucial skill set for solving complex problems every day. 

3. Are You a High Energy Person?

If you have after-work hobbies or are continuously looking for new interests and weekend projects, you will likely have the energy to run your own business. Business ownership is a lot of work, so you’ll need a positive attitude and plenty of energy to keep your brand growing every day.

Another perspective is that starting a new venture that excites you is a terrific way to generate more energy. When we work in a job that we find uninspired or unstimulating, we might often feel depleted or exhausted. Contrarily, if you are excited about your business and find joy in seeing your progress, you may find business ownership very rewarding.

4. Do You Suffer From Analysis-Paralys

It’s all about being quick and decisive in business. Problems come all the time, and it’s critical to be able to make a quick choice, test your solution, and then deal with any unintended effects.

If you have trouble making rapid, effective judgments and like to take your time analyzing problems before deciding, running a business may be tough for you. It’s a fast-paced job that requires confidence under duress.

5. Do You Easily Give Up?

When starting a new business, perseverance is an important skill. Business is difficult, and you’ll face many new issues. You must have high confidence and not question your every decision.

Get Ready For Business Ownership Today!

The iCode franchise is an established brand to help you leverage the best education franchise opportunities. They’re committed to helping you build a successful business in one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.

So, what are you waiting for? Inspire the next generation of great minds; get your iCode franchise today and invest in one of the fastest-growing STEM education franchises.

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The Complete Guide to Buying a Franchise in 2022 – Everything You Need to Know

The business professionals are discussing with their team buying a Franchise in 2022

The thought of becoming a business owner can be both thrilling and daunting! Many people want to start their own business but are confused about how to get started. 

This article will help you understand what it means to own a franchise, decide if becoming a franchisee is a good fit for your objectives and personality, lead you through the entire process, and reveal the best franchises to buy in 2022.

What Is a Franchise?

A franchise is a business wherein the owner of a brand and business model grants you the rights to use these assets (together with all associated trademarks, goods, systems, and so on). 

The franchise owner is the franchisor, and you are the franchisee. Getting started with a franchise is a much easier task than starting something from scratch which is one of the biggest reasons many people opt for franchising over starting something of their own.

A Step-By-Step Process to Buy a Franchise

Understanding what’s involved with starting a franchise can alleviate a lot of the stress and help you discover the best franchises to buy in 2022.

Step 1: Know Your Why

Owning any business can be an emotionally, physically, and financially exhausting experience. Before investing in a franchise, be sure you understand why you want to own one. 

If you believe that operating a franchise is more accessible than owning any other form of business, bear in mind that all businesses have obstacles. But understanding your motives and what you hope to get out of the experience will help you make the right decision.

Step 2: Research & Decide

A franchise’s popularity does not always mean that it is the best option for you. Don’t skimp on your research. Expect to spend several weeks on this task, and keep in mind that the best franchises to buy in 2022 should meet the following conditions:

  • A Proven Track Record: It’s best to go with a franchise that has a proven track record. This can give you confidence that you are investing your money in the right place. 
  • A Growing Market: The franchise you choose should be in a rising market. It may be tempting to go into an industry that is trendy at the moment, but researching the industry forecasts and future demand for your product is vital.
  • Social Responsibility: People like to do business with socially responsible companies. Learn about the social responsibility efforts of the franchises you’re considering.
  • Competition: Every business has competition. And a little competition might be beneficial, but too much competition can be detrimental to your organization.
  • Franchise Fees: Make sure that you clearly understand the revenue model and how the profit-sharing works in that franchise.
  • Working Environment: Ask the franchisor to connect you to a few existing franchisees. These contacts will provide better insight as to the franchisee/franchisor relationship as well as day to day operations and conditions.

Step 3: Start the Conversation

Once you’ve done your research and are ready to start conversations with a particular franchise, you should reach out via their website or connect with one of their franchise development representatives. They will likely walk you through some basic information about the company, obtain some information about you, and if warranted, will invite you to have more in depth conversations with the leadership of the company.

Step 4: Financing

A reputable franchisor will have a transparent, detailed finance meeting with you. In efforts to have a clear understanding of your financial capacity to start and sustain your business, they will likely supply a financial worksheet for you to fill out. This will also help you know the costs involved with starting your business. The franchisor should also be able to supply financing options should you require them.

Step 5: Finish All the Paperwork

It’s a good idea to review the franchise agreement documents closely as you will need to abide by any guidelines set forth by the franchisor for the duration of your contract. Ensure that you understand the fees and franchise operations before making this big commitment.

Step 6: Get Training and Support

Congratulations! You’re a business owner! Luckily, you have the advantage of working with a business that already has a brand, an audience, and tried-and-true methods for reaching them. The franchise likely has their own marketing team and support teams that will assist you with:

  • Branding
  • Product positioning
  • Marketing strategies
  • Marketing collateral

Best Franchises to Buy in 2022 in Your Budget

If you’re looking for the best franchises to buy in 2022 with an affordable cost to entry, iCode School is an excellent choice. iCode operates in the STEM education market, which is one of the fastest-growing sectors and is projected to grow for the foreseeable future.

They also have dedicated marketing and internal teams that will support you as you are starting and running your business.

Connect with an iCode representative to attend a discovery day call and learn more about how iCode works. Get in touch with iCode now!

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5 Things To Do Before You Buy A Franchise

Business People are Talking With their Coworkers About how to own the best franchises and what things we need to consider before buying a franchise

If starting a business from scratch sounds a little daunting, you might look into purchasing a franchise instead. Franchise businesses have a tried-and-true model that covers everything from branding, to pricing, to marketing.

When evaluating whether to purchase a franchise business, you’re likely to wonder “what’s the best franchise to own?” However, it’s essential to look at multiple factors to be sure that you’re making the right choice.

Evaluating The Best Franchises To Own

Let’s take a look at the five things you need to consider before buying a franchise business!

1. Make Sure You’re Ready

Owning a business of any kind can be an emotionally, physically, and financially draining experience. Before investing in a franchise, be sure you understand why you want to own one. 

If you believe that operating a franchise is more accessible than owning any other form of business, bear in mind that all businesses have obstacles. 

While managing a franchise business is more straightforward than starting something from scratch, having clear expectations will help you stay on track and manage any ups and downs that may come your way.

2. Study The Field

Do your homework before jumping in. Understanding the market and its demands is essential in starting a business. 

Is the industry expected to grow for the next 10-20 years? Who are the key players in this space and how can you differentiate from them? What is the cost of entry into this business and will my budget support that? Once you’ve studied the industry, competitors, and understand your budget, it’s easier to select the best franchise to own.

3. Franchiser Reputation

There are hundreds of franchise brands registered in the United States alone. Some of them have been in the business for many years. Others are still in the process of creating processes and expansion strategies. 

Neither of these is necessarily good or bad; it’s just another piece of information to consider when you investigate a franchisor with whom you’re about to sign a contract.

The franchisor’s reputation can significantly change the course of your business. Some factors to consider while studying a franchisor’s reputation are:

  • Tenure: Understanding how long the franchise has been in business is crucial. If it’s been a business for longer than 5 years, it’s a good sign. 
  • Reviews: You can check the online reviews of the franchisor from different websites and forums. You can also ask the franchisor for connections to existing franchisees to get their perspective.
  • Litigation History: Is there a history of the franchisor being sued by a franchisee or a vendor? What happened, when did it end, and so forth.
  • Financial Performance: Most states require franchisors to file an FDD, and many will offer one at some point throughout the sales process.
  • Media Coverage: You can also check what sort of media coverage the franchisor is getting. Good media coverage can often result in a great brand image making it one of the best franchises to own.

4. Know The Cost

One item that many new business owners fail to fully investigate is their start-up costs. Some of these fees are set and fully documented when acquiring a franchise. Others are more difficult to quantify and are not included in the original franchise payments.

It’s essential to clearly understand the exact cost you’ll incur to determine the best franchises to own.

Read all the documents carefully and have a precise number in mind. When in question, ask the franchisor and get any required details.

5. Read the Disclosure Agreement Carefully

When you reach this phase in the procurement process, you should spend some time looking over the FDD. The FDD lays out all necessary details concerning the franchise in great detail. 

It contains some of the most in-depth, unbiased information on the franchisor that you can find.

As part of their sales process, most franchisors will have an FDD review call with you. This might be with your sales representative, the franchisor’s general counsel, or (more than likely) both.

Get a High-Return Franchise in Your Budget

If you’re looking for the best franchises to own, iCode School may be the right choice for you.

iCode has been featured on CNBC, ABC, Entrepreneur, The Dallas Morning News, and many more, as well as having built partnerships with organizations like the NBA Thunder, Girl Scouts of North Texas, Texas Instruments, FC Dallas, and more.

STEM education is lacking in most schools today despite being a major interest for parents. iCode campuses offer STEM education for students grades K-12 through in-person, instructor-led classes that focus on fun, hands-on learning!

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Franchise vs. Starting Your Own Business – The Complete Overview

iCode School Franchise. Business professionals are discussing in a business meeting Franchise vs. Business: Which One Works and brainstorming the information

Franchising vs. Starting a Business: Which One Works for You?

If you’re new to business, you might be wondering whether you should start a business from scratch or buy a franchise business opportunity. 

There are pros and cons to each type of business, but evaluating the differences will help you find the right fit.

8 Factors to Look at For Before Deciding

Let’s take a look at eight factors that you should evaluate before selecting a franchise business or starting something from scratch.

1. Brand Awareness

If you opt to start a brand new business, people won’t immediately recognize it. It will take time for you to build a brand and reputation. But when it comes to franchises, many consumers are already familiar with the brand, its products, and its dependability and quality. 

Even if your company is new to a region, the franchise brand’s reputation and online reviews will likely help local customers trust your business. As a result, the odds of success will be considerably better.

2. Control

For a startup business, the owner needs to create procedures and standards for the daily operations of their business. As an owner, they can exercise their management style and have complete control.

In contrast, in a franchise, the strategic control remains in the hands of the franchisor, and franchisees manage only operational issues. 

In other words, while you need to create your strategy as a startup owner, less strategy is required from you in a franchise business. This is because the franchisor has already created their strategy for success, and you only need to follow their guidelines.

3. Equipment and Supplies

Another significant difference between a startup business and an established franchise is the responsibility of securing good deals with your vendors. When you establish your own company, you must handle every part of your business. 

You are responsible for making sure that the products or services you provide meet high-quality standards, as well as negotiating all of your deals with vendors and suppliers while keeping within budget.

The franchisor, however, has established relationships with vendors and likely has stronger buying power ensuring the best deals.

4. Financing

A new business requires a considerable investment, but finansors are more willing to lend to an established brand than to a new business. 

In addition, startups have to spend time and money developing marketing campaigns and building brand awareness, while franchisees can rely heavily on the support of the franchisor and their existing marketing team and budget.

5. Marketing

In the early phases of a company, more money will need to be spent on marketing and promotion to build brand awareness. If you’re starting your own business, you may need to hire some help if you’re not an experienced marketer. 

A franchisor, however, may already have an in-house marketing department that can produce marketing materials for you based on their market research, strategy, sales projections, and budget, to aid you in marketing your business.

6. Speed to Market

When starting a business, an owner must conduct preliminary research and prepare a detailed estimate for supplies, equipment, and office space requirements. Then they must implement each stage on their own.

A franchise allows you to get up and running more quickly since they have all of these details sorted out, along with vendor partnerships that can get you set up in a timely manner.

7. Faster ROI

Startups can take a long time to build up a client base and brand name. There will also be mistakes that will likely cost money, time, and energy. 

The franchisor will have already built a reputation for you to build on, created appropriate marketing campaigns, and can train you on how to run the business effectively.

8. Franchisor’s Support

With a new business, the owner must conduct all of their own research, do their own marketing, and figure everything out on their own. This can be time-consuming and overwhelming.

A franchisor has already addressed everything for you, and should provide you with ongoing training, marketing, and operational support.

iCode School Franchise: The Easiest Way To Start A Franchise Business

If you’re seeking a franchise opportunity that allows you to start your own business while having an impact on your community’s youth, the iCode School franchise could be the ideal fit for you. 

The iCode School franchise teaches STEM education to students K-12. Their goal is to prepare kids for the digital landscape of tomorrow and the demand for workers with technical skills to support evolving technologies.

Their leadership team will support you through each step of the process from transparent conversations about finances and the business model, to ongoing training, and marketing and operational support.

Get in touch with an iCode School franchise representative now to see how you can  start your affordable, high-performing franchise.

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Everything you need to know about starting a business in 2022

Businesspeople having a good time at the meeting

Starting a business can be difficult if you have never done it before. You might wonder what type of business you should start, to whom you should market your product, and which marketing techniques will entice customers. It can be a bit overwhelming without some guidance.

How to Start a Business in 2022: A Step-by-Step Guide

Starting a business requires careful planning, making sound financial decisions, conducting market research, and learning new skills in areas you never expected to deal with. 

When planning for a new business, it is crucial to remember that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. However, if you follow these steps, you can organize your thoughts and make better informed decisions. 

Here’s a 7-step guide to help you get on the right foot.

Step 1. Ask Yourself if You're Ready

You shouldn’t wait for the “perfect” time to start a company. The stars are unlikely to ever perfectly align. 

However, having the right mentality is important when starting a business. Are you in the appropriate frame of mind right now to win? If you didn’t yell “Absolutely!” at your computer screen, you should consider if entrepreneurship is the right path for you. It will take a great deal of long-term determination and drive to be successful.

Step 2. Determine What Type of Business to Start

The next stage in beginning a business is deciding what kind of business to open.

Is there a field in which you are particularly interested? Are you searching for a business that you can actively engage in or just own? 

Do you want to make a company out of your passion or interest? 

Answering these questions will steer you in the right direction and help determine which business concepts you should focus your attention on.

Step 3. Choose a Business Model

When you’ve come up with a business idea, think about how you’ll apply it in your area. This is where a business model comes into play.

A business model is a strategy for delivering value to clients while generating money with your idea.

When starting a business, it’s helpful to have specific tried-and-true business models in mind. Popular models include  e-commerce, SaaS, freelancing, or franchise businesses.

Step 4. Do Market Research

The next crucial step is to figure out who your target market is. Who will you serve? This is a highly crucial stage.

You should know what problems you’re solving and who needs the solution to these problems. Where are these people located? What is the size of that audience? Understanding your audience will help you properly position your business.

Step 5. Find a Problem to Solve

Every business must solve a problem.

The more intense and accurate problem you can solve, the more money people are prepared to pay. But the more broad the problem is, the larger your customer base will be.

Step 6. Set Realistic Goals and Expectations

Naive assumptions are one of the most common reasons for company failure. Doing your research and basing your decisions in data and facts will help you avoid making costly mistakes.

Step 7. Get Feedback

Now that you’ve established the idea, set some goals, and devised a strategy, it’s time to seek some feedback on your concept. 

The purpose of the feedback step is to obtain another perspective on the viability of your concept. Ask multiple people. If you hear the same bit of feedback multiple times, you should take it into strong consideration.

Franchise Business : The Easiest Way To Get Started

It might be terrifying to grab life by the horns and take that first step. There are likely to be hurdles and barriers along the way. But a franchise business can alleviate many of these hurdles.

They have already done much of the customer research, built a reputation in the market, have a tried-and-true business model, and can train you in all of the necessary operational areas.

If you’re looking for a successful franchise business option that lets you start your own business on a budget while doing high-impact work, then iCode might be the right solution for you. 

Get a high-performing franchise in your budget, and get connected to an iCode representative today!


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Franchise Buying Checklist – 10 Things to Consider

new franchise opportunities business Teamwork meeting with business people

Are you considering buying into a franchise? Deciding to start a new business is a big decision which shouldn’t be made quickly. There are many different elements to evaluate before starting your franchise business.

Investing in new franchise opportunities is a great way to get in on the ground floor of a new industry. But, you’ll need to invest a lot of time into research before spending your hard-earned money.

10 Factors to Look at When Evaluating Franchise Opportunities

Let’s take a look at some things you should consider when evaluating new franchise opportunities.

1. The Franchisor’s Track Record

The internet makes it easy to look up people and companies, which means that you should use this to your advantage when looking into franchising. Look for a franchisor who shows solid experience.

It’s important that you select a franchisor in the right industry which is projected for future growth, such as STEM education franchises.

2. Making an Impact

While making money is a primary goal in creating any business, why not also create an impact that you can be proud of.

iCode franchise takes this approach by training the next generation through STEM education, preparing them for the digital landscape and job market of tomorrow.

3. Return on Investment

When evaluating franchise opportunities, return on investment is an obvious focus. For many people, this will be one of the most influential factors to decide whether they are going to put their money into the business or not.

Take your time to do a thorough research. How is the industry performing? What are the projections? You can also check stats on the franchisor website or talk to other franchise owners to confirm how their businesses are going.

4. Market Requirements

When starting a business, it’s best to understand the market and its needs. After you’ve determined the demand, the different competitors, and your budget, it’s more clear which business you should invest in. Don’t jump into a company without doing your homework.

5. Track the Brand

Several brands on the market are available for franchising. So make a list of a few strong franchise opportunities and keep track of their market growth, value, and reach. 

Because owning a franchise does not guarantee that the company will be successful, it is vital to grasp the company and its history fully. Then evaluate whether or not the franchise is worth your money.

6. Expenditures

You must first determine your financial situation before evaluating new franchise opportunities. You’ll have to pay for the materials, venue, personnel, and other necessities. It’s best to create your budget and search for brands that meet your requirements.

7. Competition

Every business, even a well-known franchise brand, has competition; so understand your target audience’s expectations, and pick a brand that has the best solution to meet these needs.

8. Training

A franchise also offers training; the’lly train you according to the brand’s guidelines, with full instructions and support. It is critical to select a franchise that provides robust training and long-term support.

9. Restrictions

Once a franchisee has purchased a franchise, they must adhere to specific laws and restrictions. The brand’s criteria are based on experience and expectations, which the franchisee must adhere to. 

They provide criteria for determining the brand’s standard, including the product/service offering, pricing, operations, and marketing. The franchisor is in charge of everything, so understanding these guidelines and restrictions ahead of time is important.

10. Company Operations

You should assess if you are satisfied with the level to which you may adjust operations when analyzing a franchising possibility. 

Franchises frequently have operating constraints that prevent franchisees from experimenting with new marketing methods or product positioning. 

Make sure you’re okay with the things you won’t be able to alter so that there’s no scope of misunderstanding later.

Get High Return Franchise That's Within Your Budget

If you’re looking to invest in franchise opportunities, then iCode is a great, affordable option to consider. Get connected with an iCode representative who can answer any initial questions you may have, and join a Discovery Day presentation for a deeper dive into iCode operations. 

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Why This Is The Right Time to Invest in STEM & Coding Franchises

Children creating robots with teacher in classroom at stem lesson

Many individuals have invested in STEM franchise opportunities in recent years. One reason for this is the demand created by parents who want a high-quality education for their children so they remain competitive in the future workforce.

Proponents of the education industry believe it will never experience a downturn. Education is an essential aspect of development. STEM franchise opportunities let you fuel an industry that is the building block of society. 

Before we look at how lucrative STEM franchise opportunities can be, it is essential to understand STEM.

What Is STEM and Why It’s Important?

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are often addressed in school policy and curriculum choices. Some popular STEM majors include:

  • Neurology
  • Computer science
  • Chemistry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Biology

But what makes it so important? Due to innovation in technology and the development of new industries, opportunities are growing for workers with these technical skills. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics refers to STEM careers as “tomorrow’s employment,” emphasizing the importance of these vocations.

The National Science Foundation indicates that various STEM occupations are in great demand, and many are expected to remain so for several years. However, the supply of workers who hold STEM degrees is lagging far behind.

As a result, many universities and government agencies have begun to encourage more students to enroll in programs leading to degrees in STEM fields.

Now that you know more about what STEM education is and why it is so important, let’s look at why you should invest in STEM franchise opportunities.

5 Benefits of Investing in STEM Franchise Opportunities

STEM franchise opportunities are becoming more prevalent, and while there are numerous benefits to opening one, let’s look at some of the most persuasive reasons.

1. The Growth Potential

As technology grows, so does the demand for workers who can support it. Parents will become more and more aware of these opportunities and look for ways to give their children a leg up in the changing landscape.

And because technology is ever evolving, there will always be a demand for courses on the latest innovations.

2. Future of Jobs

With technological innovation on the rise, it’s clear that those who can understand these new concepts will have an advantage in the job market.

And with the proliferation of technology in recent years, such as the Internet of Things, 3D printing, robotics, and automation, it’s also clear that jobs related to these technologies will continue to grow in demand.

Consequently, training in these technologies is an excellent opportunity for people to remain relevant in the job market, and many parents are looking to improve their child’s opportunities for a successful career by sending their children to STEM franchises.

3. Less Competition

Individuals considering starting their own business are aware that competition is stiff in almost every industry. 

However, even though the education industry in the US is highly competitive, STEM franchise opportunities are a newer field making competition less of a threat.

By acting now, you can reap the rewards of pursuing STEM franchise opportunities with far less energy and capital.

4. Don’t Begin from Scratch

Ideation, market research, and promotion are essential aspects of starting any new business. 

However, many entrepreneurs are turning to franchising to make launching a startup easier and potentially more profitable. Rather than creating a new brand from scratch, they buy into an existing brand with a proven track record. The franchising model allows entrepreneurs to benefit from the brand recognition and accumulated marketing power of an established company.

5. Help and Support from the Franchisor

By associating with a well-known brand franchise, you can focus on the sales and relationship-building aspects of your business without having to worry about building a reputation from scratch. 

The franchisor will provide access to resources and connections to help you succeed in your business. In addition, they will also provide you with ongoing technical support, marketing support, and training.

Pursue STEM Franchise Opportunities

Are you ready to pursue STEM franchise opportunities and inspire the next generation of young minds? Learn more about opening your own iCode School today!

Learn more about iCode.

6 Reasons to Pursue The Best Education Franchise Opportunities

business meeting

If you’re thinking of starting a business but want to do something that helps others and feels like something you can be proud of, you might consider looking into the best education franchise opportunities. 

The best education franchise opportunities provide you with the freedom and financial independence that come with running your own company, as well as the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in your community and leave a legacy.

iCode School is helping people with a business mindset make this a reality.

6 Reasons Why You Should Pursue iCode, One of the Best Education Franchise Opportunities

While there are plenty of reasons to open an iCode School education franchise, let’s discuss the top 6:

1. Building the Future

You’re not just building a business. You’re laying the educational foundation for the next generation, who will create the next significant technological breakthroughs.

Fostering future talent ensures our students can compete globally within emerging economies. The best education franchise opportunities give you the chance to make a good living while making a difference in the lives of students.

2. Never-Ending Product Lineup

Technology is vast. From web development to robotics, countless technologies can be explored and taught. 

And as technology evolves, an endless number of courses on various technologies can be developed including beginner classes for frontend development, backend development, databases, cloud computing, blockchain, and much more. 

Besides traditional computer science, students can also explore the other options available in STEM, such as robotics. All in all, you will never run out of products and courses to sell with this education franchise opportunity.

3. Getting Started Is Not That Difficult

The iCode franchise is an established brand among the best education franchise opportunities. They’re committed to helping you build a successful business in one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.

If you’ve always been interested in technology, or love working with children, you might be a good fit for this education franchise opportunity.

iCode has an established business model and operational plan, and will provide the necessary training and helpful tips to get you started on the right foot, not to mention ongoing support.

4. Build Something of Your Own

If you’ve been thinking about leaping into entrepreneurship, the best education franchise opportunities could be the right place to start. 

Entrepreneurship can be a rewarding experience. Some of the most appealing benefits include having more control, earning more money, and the ability to live a more flexible lifestyle. But it comes with its own set of challenges. 

Ideation, market research, and promotion are essential aspects of starting a new business. Partnering with a well-known brand like iCode can cut down on these stages. It’s like acquiring a tried-and-true formula from a reputable source. This reduces the risks that come with starting a business.

5. Future Workforce Demand

Technology has grown exponentially in recent years. The Internet of Things, 3D printing, robotics, and automation have become a way of life for people worldwide. And we are seeing more jobs related to these technologies.

People who study these technologies now could be working professionally as robots engineers, automation engineers, biotech engineers, or climate tech engineers in the future.

While coding is used in certain industries, such as IT, it is also now a booming industry on its own. Companies have been hiring more and more for positions such as frontend engineer, backend engineer, AWS engineer (Amazon Web Service), database manager (database administrator), and various other positions.

6. Don't Reinvent the Wheel

Starting a new business can be daunting. Making the right decisions, especially when it comes to selecting a concept, requires a lot of effort and dedication.

Working with an established franchise is a smart option for starting your own business. iCode is one of the best education franchise opportunities

Connecting with iCode means you get the advantage of its tested formula, which reduces the risk involved in starting your own business.

Pursue the Best Education Franchise Opportunities with iCode​

If you want to start a business but aren’t sure where to begin, get advice from the experts at iCode. Get the details by connecting with a representative and join a Discovery Day presentation for a deeper dive into iCode operations. 

What are you waiting for? Connect with iCode today!

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10 Reasons Why Coding Franchises May Be on the Rise in 2022

focused team leader presenting coding franchises rise graph with coworkers and explaining the development strategy

When it comes to investments, there’s a lot to consider. How much can you invest? What are the expectations from your investment? How can you make the most of what you have? In the past decade, many people have decided to invest in kids coding franchises to live out their dream of owning a business while also helping children prepare for the future.

Kids coding franchises are one of the fastest-growing sectors in franchising, and it’s not hard to see why. There are many reasons why education franchises are a smart investment.

10 Reasons Why You Should Own Kids Coding Franchises in 2022

While there are plenty of reasons why you should consider kids coding franchises, let’s take a look at the top 10 reasons!

1. A Great Opportunity

The demand for computer science professionals is growing worldwide. Unfortunately, the number of people with the skills and knowledge to code is not keeping pace. This means that many vacant positions in the industry remain unfilled. Global initiatives advocate for every child to learn how to code, however, they fail to provide actionable steps for parents or students. Parents know their students should be involved in STEM educationbut school systems can’t keep up with evolving technology. The demand grows for businesses that can help future generations learn how to code and prepare them for the workforce of tomorrow.

2. Evolving Technology

In recent years, technology has been rapidly evolving. Some key terms you might have heard include the Internet of Things, 3D printing, robotics, and automation. Artificial intelligence and 3D printing have opened up new opportunities for inventors by streamlining processes and making it faster and easier than ever to bring ideas to life. Kids coding franchises let you create a business that will continue to grow along with technological advances. And students will keep coming back to your business to learn about the latest innovations.

3. A Changing Workforce

he world of work is changing. More and more employers expect workers to have a certain level of technical skill. Soon, most jobs will involve some level of technology, and the workforce will have to adapt. Kids coding franchises present great opportunities for entrepreneurs, as most people are becoming aware of this impending problem and actively looking for a solution.

4. Build the Future

Kids coding franchises not only stand to be profitable businesses, but they are also vital in building an educational foundation for the next generation. US educational institutions need innovative programs to foster future talent, and they’re looking for programs like kids coding franchises to fill that need.

5. Never Worry About Product Offerings

Technology is vast and ever-expanding, with limitless areas of focus. Each focus could have its own set of courses that help kids level up in the area they’re most interested in, from programming languages to robotics. Kids coding franchises give you the ability to grow and adapt your offering along with the changing technology. 

6. This is the Right Time

When most business owners start a new venture, they often face stiff competition. The competition is fierce in the US education industry, but coding instruction is still relatively new compared to other fields. This means that launching a kids coding franchise can pay off with much less effort and investment than opening another tutoring or test prep center.

7. No Experience Required

If you’ve been looking for a new business idea, you might consider starting kids coding franchises. With franchising, even people with no prior experience can succeed since the brand provides training and support throughout the process. Jumping into business ownership can be scary, but with an established brand behind you, you’ll be eliminating half the problems right away.

8. You Get the Support

When you start your own kids coding franchises, you buy more than just the right to set up a business. A good franchisor should provide you with continuing technical support, as well as marketing assistance, and staff training. In addition to these benefits, the franchisor can connect you with their network of other kids coding franchise owners to assist you in developing your business and gaining skills and knowledge.

9. Be Your Own Boss

Many people fantasize about being their own boss. It’s easy to see why. Being your own boss means having more control over your schedule, potentially making more money, and enjoying a more flexible lifestyle. As a small business owner, you also have the opportunity to build a legacy that outlives you. connect with iCode School today.

10. Easy to Start

To start, all you’ll need is an interest in technology, a strong desire to help kids explore their inner coder, and some business experience to help you run everything smoothly. The franchisor will walk you through the rest!

Get Your Kid's Coding Education Franchise Today!

Inspire the next generation of great minds; connect with iCode School to learn more.

Learn more about iCode.

Why You Should Consider Starting a Coding Education Franchise?

Three people shaking hands in an office discussing Coding franchise opportunities.

Coding franchise opportunities have been booming in the education industry. Parents are beginning to recognize the importance of STEM educations and putting the pressure on schools to implement these types of programs or looking to outside sources to fill in the gaps.

Within the last several years, successful franchises, such as iCode School, have emerged offering coding and STEM education classes. 

And although starting a business on your own comes with a lot of risk, franchising relies on a tested business model, eliminating much of that initial risk. 

So what makes a coding franchise a wise investment? What are some significant benefits of this business opportunity? Let’s get into the details and find out.

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Coding Franchise Opportunities

While there are dozens of reasons why this is the best time to invest in a coding franchise, let’s discuss five of the top reasons why it makes sense.

1. No Impact of Recession

In times of recession, education remains one of the most robust businesses. You can be confident that if you invest in coding franchises, your business will continue to develop regardless of economic cycles.

Education has historically been a stable industry because it’s the foundation upon which our society is built, and STEM education has never been more critical than it is now. 

2. Start With No Experience

While it’s true that many people earn qualifications and have experiences that help them with their coding franchise opportunities prior to deciding to start one, you can still be effective without having either.

You don’t have to learn any specific skills or expertise to start a coding franchise for kids. You can hire the right team members with the right skills to support your business.

3. Start with Low Investment

As you know, launching a new venture can be expensive. However, you can get started with coding franchise opportunities at a reasonably affordable cost. 

It’s a good idea to have a business that is not capital-intensive to start out, that is also easy to scale up. With iCode School, you can start with just a few instructors and gradually increase the number of employees as your business grows. 

With the iCode Franchise, you can get into coding franchise opportunities for as low as $149,000. 

4. Immense Growth

Coding franchise opportunities offer incredible growth potential. Did you know with iCode, you can start generating significant revenue before your location even opens? 

The demand for this type of franchise is steadily increasing among parents and schools. Schools are more than willing to partner with STEM franchises to provide after-school programming for their students on their campus. These after-school clubs are a great feeder program for the iCode campuses as it builds awareness. 

In addition, coding and STEM education are ever-evolving subjects which means that there will always be new and exciting courses to offer.

5. Build the Future

With coding franchise opportunities, you are not only building a business that will generate profits, but you are also laying a solid educational foundation for the next generation. The United States needs educational programs that foster future talent and keep our students competitive in the global workplace of tomorrow.

The US education system is struggling to keep up with the rapid pace of technology growth. The expensive hardware and rapidly evolving curriculum is insurmountable for many schools.

Through coding franchise opportunities, you’re not only building your own business, but you’re also helping to enrich the minds of the people who will create the technological breakthroughs of tomorrow.

Pursue Coding Franchise Opportunities with iCode School

Inspire the next generation by pursuing coding franchise opportunities with iCode School. Learn more by talking to one of our representatives and joining our Discovery Presentation.

Learn more about iCode.

How To Succeed At Your Franchise Business, Everything You Need To Know!

Peoples are celebrating business success

How do some franchise owners manage to run successful franchises, while others are forced to put up a for-sale sign in the window? Various factors determine success, but it also has a lot to do with how you’re running the business.  

Making intelligent decisions along the road and avoiding common traps can significantly impact your franchise’s profitability and viability. 

Top 10 Tips for Franchise Business Success

Running a business is a big responsibility, but a few tips can help you increase your rate of success. Let’s look at 10 tips to increase your chances in running successful franchises.

1) Choose the Right Business

There are many franchise concepts and industries from which to choose. But how do you know if the concept you’re buying is suited for you? It’s pretty simple: think about what you enjoy doing.

If you like working with children, search for a franchise that allows you to do so. If you have a passion for computers, look for a computer-related franchise concept. You’ll spend a great deal of time working on your business, so make sure your passionate about it!

2) Knowing Your Skill Sets

While most franchisors will teach you their system to help you open successful franchises, there are a variety of tasks that must be completed on a daily basis. Some of these tasks will play well into your skill set. Others will likely require you to hire an expert in that area. Knowing your skill set in advance will help you determine which tasks you will excel at, and which ones would be best to delegate to someone else.

3) Follow the Systems

The fact that a franchise has a successful system is one of the reasons you choose it. You must learn that there is a system to build successful franchises. Don’t zone out during your initial training; soak up everything they have to offer! 

Until and after your opening day, continue reading the guidelines and collaborating with other franchisees. You’re buying a tried-and-true system, and you owe it to yourself to follow every step.

4) Get Along with Others

When building successful franchises, it’s important to learn to get along with other people. From developing relationships with the franchisor, other franchisees, as well as the team you build at your franchise location, interpersonal skills become vital to your overall success. 

Reading about and practicing these skills will ensure that your road to success runs more smoothly.

5) Learn Your Industry

Organizations and gatherings exist in almost every field allowing business owners to network and share information. 

Trade groups and local boards of trade bring together new and veteran businesses, providing an excellent learning and networking environment. Your fellow franchisees can also provide valuable industry insights; don’t overlook this helpful network!

You can also look for content around similar successful franchises on the internet. You can find a variety of blogs, videos, and ebooks that will help you make better informed decisions in your business!

6) Never Stop Marketing

As a franchisee, your primary responsibility is to sell and market your product or service locally. Advertise yourself; do it regularly, evaluate the performance of each option, and share successful franchise techniques with your fellow franchisees. 

Don’t restrict your success by becoming too preoccupied with your administrative activities and forget to focus on marketing strategies. Marketing and sales are what make or break successful franchises.

7) Take Responsibility

The support that a franchisor may provide is part of the appeal of a franchise system. However, you are primarily responsible for your franchise’s eventual success or failure. 

Yes, your franchisor will train you on the system and provide you with the tools you need to start a business, but you will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of your location. 

The franchisor is there to support you, but the implementation is up to you. This freedom is part of the attractiveness of entrepreneurship!

8) Customer Satisfaction Above Anything

When launching a franchise, customer service should be a top priority. As word of mouth spreads about your franchise, customer satisfaction will help to make your local business a successful franchise. Even among successful franchise owners, customer service is consistently identified by insiders as the top factor in building successful franchises. 

9) Take Help

Make the most of your franchisor’s expertise and knowledge; after all, that’s why they’re there! There’s a reasonable probability that another franchisee has been in a similar predicament as you before, and your franchisor can help you work out a solution.

10) Hiring Is Important

Some people don’t like selling. They do not feel at ease picking up the phone and talking to strangers. However, sales is an unavoidable aspect of most franchises. Finding a ‘people-person’ who enjoys meeting and talking to others will be vital to building a successful franchise.

Highly successful franchisees make sure that they hire people who are great at what they do and take ownership of the work. It’s important to hire people with the right set of skills. 

Get Started with the iCode School Franchise

iCode is a pioneer in onsite children’s computer programming education. CNBC, CBS, Fox, Patch, The Dallas Morning News, and others have featured iCode franchise’s programs. They have also built relationships with major organizations like the NBA Thunder and Texas Instruments.

Start your journey by speaking with one of our representatives and joining a ‘Discovery Day’ Zoom call with iCode’s leadership team to learn more. 

So, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to open your iCode franchise!

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Education For Children, An Evergreen Investment Opportunity!

Education is one of the USA’s most important and rapidly growing sectors, offering many business opportunities. In particular, starting children’s franchise opportunities in the USA has many advantages.

Six Reasons Why You Should Invest in Children’s Franchise Opportunities Now!

While there are many reasons why you should look into children’s franchise opportunities now, we have listed six significant advantages for you to consider.

1) Own a Business Invested in the Future

Interdisciplinary learning, which includes science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, is becoming increasingly popular among parents.

Today’s parents want their children to learn technical skills to compete in the tech-driven market. They are enrolling students in STEM boot camps covering topics like machine learning, artificial intelligence, drones, web development, and many more. 

With more students joining these boot camps, the network effect will take place, which will pull even more students into the ecosystem. This makes children’s franchise opportunities a great investment. 

2) A Franchise You Can Trust

With so many options out there, investing in the right one becomes important. iCode School’s programs have been featured on Fox, NBC, Entrepreneur, Boston Parents, Dallas Business Journal, and many more. They’ve also built partnerships with major organizations like the NBA Thunder and Texas Instruments.

iCode is known as the leader in onsite children’s computer programming education. Franchising with a strong brand like iCode will help you to gain people’s trust in the early days which will help you to attract customers. 

Even if you have never operated a business before, investing in this children’s franchise opportunity can be a manageable task with the support and collaboration you’ll receive from the franchisor and existing franchisees.

3) Get a Headstart

A headstart is what many entrepreneurs look for. It’s one of the most compelling reasons why many people would rather buy a franchise than start their own company.

Starting something from scratch involves ideation, market research, promotion, product development, sales, and much more. Building out the initial plan and acquiring your first customer is one of the hardest things to do. Investing in iCode children’s franchise opportunity saves you the headache.

Joining a trusted franchise is like having a formula that’s already been tried and tested. Even if you have no experience running a business before, you’ll pick up and learn everything you need to know. 

4) Inspire the Next Generation 

Many people wish to start a business that not only creates profits but also impacts society positively. 

Opening children’s franchise opportunities lets you empower the next generation with vital skills. They are the building block of our nation and the ones who will develop the next technological breakthroughs.

You’re building a business not only with significant profits but also with incredible values. Imagine being surrounded by kids who love technology and building great things. Being in such an environment would be a rewarding experience! 

5) An Affordable Option

Business investments can be costly, and many people search for affordable options. Children’s franchise opportunities like iCode School are a great option with a $149,000 to $308,000 initial investment, which is comparatively affordable and also produces excellent returns. With such a great market and growth value, investing in children’s franchise opportunities just makes sense. 

There are multiple franchise options to choose from:

  • Single Unit Agreement: If you’re tight on budget and looking for a business opportunity, you can open a single franchise. 
  • Multiple Unit Development Agreement: If you’re looking for more extensive business opportunities and have the resources to invest more, you can open multiple locations. 

6) A Great Business Model

iCode children’s franchise opportunity offers a great business model. With a proprietary curriculum that helps students make the connection between their work and the outcome through hands-on experiences and engaging teaching approaches, your coding school will stand out against the competition.

Multiple classes of various levels can be held in four rooms simultaneously. Each room gets equipped with cutting-edge technology and the computing capability that kids require to succeed.

Partnerships with local schools and local colleges can help you find students and instructors for your campus. These organizations understand the importance of the iCode model and make it easy for you to network.

Get Started With iCode

iCode is a pioneer in onsite computer programming education. CNBC, CBS, Fox, Patch, The Dallas Morning News, and many others have featured iCode franchise’s programs. They’ve also built partnerships with major organizations like the NBA Thunder and Texas Instruments.

Start your journey by joining a ‘Discovery Day’ Zoom meeting with iCode leadership to find out if this opportunity is right for you!

So, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to get your iCode franchise!

Learn more about iCode.

How to Decide What Business To Start? A Short Guide

Franchise Business Opportunities - Five Peoples are discussing to starting a new business 

Starting a business requires a significant investment of time, work, money, and dedication. But before you do that, you want to make sure it’s the right one for you. 

However, with so many alternatives and franchise business opportunities constantly rising, deciding what type of business to pursue with your hard-earned money and essential time is difficult. 

4 Things to Know Before You Decide What Business to Start

Deciding what kind of business you should start is not as difficult as you think. In fact, understanding these 4 things can help you get started in no time!

1) Finding Your Passion

What are your interests and passions? What is it that you are constantly thinking about? What brings you joy? 

Say you enjoy solving riddles. This doesn’t mean you should start a puzzle or gaming company; instead, you could choose a path that involves problem-solving. For instance, consider franchise business opportunities around coding courses for kids or STEM education.

Understanding your passion and interests is essential before deciding what business to start since you will dedicate a considerable amount of time to it!

2) Business Trends and Market

Creating a business just because it’s trendy is not smart. However, keeping track of an industry’s trajectory might help in deciding if your idea is viable. 

Understanding whether what you’re starting today will survive in the future is crucial. 

3) Your Skills and Experience 

The ability to know oneself is a true superpower. Knowing what you’re good at and what you’re not can mean the difference between success and failure.

You might be good with numbers and can keep a close eye on your businesses’ finances, or maybe you are a creative thinker and can devise great marketing strategies for your business.

Understanding what you’re good at and how your skills can contribute to your business and as well as which positions you’ll need to hire, can help you scale your business and achieve great growth. 

4) How Much Can You Invest?

Having a firm grasp of your finances and knowing how much you can invest is crucial. If all you have to invest is $100K to $300K, then franchise business opportunities might be the right choice for you since it will likely be a smaller investment compared to starting your own business.

If you can invest more, you can also choose to open multiple units so that you can take full advantage of franchise business opportunities.

Why This Is the Right Time to Go for Franchise Business Opportunities

iCode has built a great franchise business to help kids learn computer programming and other STEM subjects. They are the leader in onsite computer science education. 

While there are multiple reasons to open a kid’s coding education franchise, let’s look at four reasons to leverage this franchise business opportunity. 

A Truly Great Market

STEM learning, which includes science, technology, engineering, and mathematics classes, is becoming increasingly popular among parents since it gives their kids an advantage over their peers. 

And no matter the situation, society never stops education, and students will always be learning and growing. Therefore, these franchise business opportunities will thrive for years to come.

Never Run Out of Products

This type of business also provides a plethora of revenue opportunities! Tech and coding, unlike other subjects, are pretty broad, and various class offerings could be produced. 

You could, for example, offer boot camps in web programming, full-stack development, front-end development, backend development, blockchain development, robotics, and various other topics.

With so many options, and with the right marketing strategies, you can easily hit your revenue goals. 

Empower the Future

When opening an iCode franchise, you are not only building a profitable business, but you are also providing an educational foundation for the next generation, who will lead subsequent technological advancements. 

By investing in a kid’s coding school franchise, you cultivate future potential and empower the country to remain globally competitive.

The Franchise Model Is Tried and Tested

A franchise is a tried-and-tested business model. All you should have to do is follow the recommendations, put in some work, and keep an eye on the quality of your operations. 

Because their money and brand are on the line, franchises seek to maintain brand consistency and quality operations to manage a successful franchise. 

However, unlike starting a new business where you must build things from the ground up, franchises provide you with all the necessary assistance and help you make the best possible decisions. 

Get Started With iCode

You’ve researched a variety of franchise business opportunities. Now, what are you waiting for? Get your iCode franchise today!

Learn more about iCode.

Why Is It A Good Idea to Invest in an Educational Franchise?


People understand that a good education will help their children succeed. However, not every child enjoys learning; some are bored with the pace of school, and others want to participate in extracurricular activities or study topics that their school might not offer like computer programming or robotics.

Franchises that assist youngsters in achieving academic success are in high demand. Many students have been joining the programs like iCode to get hands-on experience in STEM or Tech.

Furthermore, education franchise opportunities are very recession-proof. Parents often prioritize providing their kids with as many opportunities to thrive as possible, even when money is tight.

Why You Should Bid on Educational Franchise Opportunities

We already know that education franchise opportunities are constantly growing. Now let’s take a look at four reasons to bid on franchise education opportunities.

1) A Tried-and-Tested Model

A franchise business model is a tried-and-tested model. For a successful business, all you should have to do is follow the directions, put in some effort, and keep an eye on the quality of your operations. 

Unlike starting a new business from scratch where you have to build everything from the ground up, franchises provide the guidance you need to make the right decisions. 

2) Leverage Franchise’s Brand Name 

Market research and building brand awareness are huge undertakings when starting any new business. However, when opening a franchise, you get to take advantage of an existing brand that inspires trust in customers.

The franchisee simply adheres to the company’s marketing standards and guidelines. There is far less work involved in marketing your business as the franchisor will likely produce the materials for you.

3) Education Is Never Out of Demand

Education is the pillar of a society’s development. Parents understand that providing their kids with a good education is one of the best things that they can do. And with technology becoming mainstream in the workplace, all children will eventually need to learn technical skills.

Therefore, more and more parents are looking towards an education franchise to give their kids the best possible education.

4) Build the Future 

By opening an education franchise, you’re not only creating a profitable business, but you’re also creating the educational foundation for the next generation of entrepreneurs who will make significant technological advancements! You’ll be benefiting the country by developing future talent and keeping our students globally competitive.

Why Choose iCode School for Your Education Franchise Opportunities?

A Franchise You Can Trust 

When you are looking at education franchise opportunities, you should ask a franchisor to speak with some of their existing franchisees for an inside look. Is it a good relationship? What can you expect from a support aspect?

iCode Franchise has a great support structure in place and maintains constant and open communication with franchisees. 

Fewer Entry Barriers 

iCode strives to make it as smooth as possible to open an education franchise. 

To start, all you need is an interest in computer science and technology. It’s also beneficial to have some experience in business to manage the various responsibilities that come with operating a business. 

iCode’s training, real estate, construction, and marketing team will help you get up and running from there!

Get Started With An Affordable Investment 

While business investments can be extremely high, owning an iCode franchise is relatively affordable.

The initial investment to open an iCode School is only $149,000 to $308,000. 

Franchise Ownership Options 

iCode offers a variety of ownership options to suit your needs including single location or multi-unit agreements. You can also opt to start with a single location and later expand.

Get Your Kids’ Coding Education Franchise Today!

Education franchise opportunities offer numerous benefits, both financial and for your community. Connect with iCode to learn more about opening your own kids’ coding franchise!

Learn more about iCode.

Coding franchise as an investment: 10 things you need to know

2 men are sitting at table discussing some work on a laptop in a window office having city view

Today, there are many investment options for business-minded people. So what makes a coding franchise different?

Many franchisees who own an educational franchise say they derive tremendous satisfaction from helping children prepare for the future in addition to owning their own successful business.

But business decisions can’t be based on sentiments. After all, you have to make money to sustain the business and generate profits.

The demand for franchises offering academic assistance to children is in high demand as seen by the continued commercial success of iCodeSchool. And with the advancement in technologies and an increase in the use of tech products, education franchises are expected to see long-term growth.

10 Reasons Why a Coding Franchise Is a Wise Investment

The demand for skills in computer science is growing worldwide, which is one of the main reasons several global initiatives are advocating that every child should learn the fundamentals of coding.

A coding franchise owner can help the future generation learn how to code and prepare themselves for the 21st-century workforce.

Coding Is the Future of Jobs

Due to technology’s proliferation in recent years, such as the Internet of Things, 3D printing, robotics, and automation, it has become clear that jobs related to these technologies will continue to grow in demand.

For example, artificial intelligence and 3D printing provide fascinating new potential for inventors. People who study these now could work as robots engineers, automation engineers, space explorers, biotech engineers, and even climate tech engineers in the future.

While coding is used in various industries, the IT business is also rapidly expanding. Companies have been hiring for various positions, including frontend engineer, backend engineer, AWS engineer, database manager, and various other positions.

It’s a Great Market to Play

With technology continuously growing, at some point in time, most jobs will require people to know technical skills, and therefore, all students will have to learn more about such technologies.

Working in such a high-intent market could be heaven for entrepreneurs as the majority of people are already problem aware and would be actively looking for a solution to their problem.

Getting started with the right strategies at the right time gives you the early mover’s advantage.

Build the Future

You’re not only building a business that will generate profits in the future, but you’re also laying a solid educational foundation for the next generation who will create the next significant technological breakthroughs. The US needs educational programs that foster future talent.

Never Run Out of Products

Technology is vast, and therefore, creating a never-ending revenue stream is easier than ever. Each branch of technology can have its own set of courses! Everything from programming languages to web development, to robotics, and much more!

The Right Time to Enter

Many entrepreneurs feel that every new business faces intense competition. Similarly, the education business in the United States is fiercely competitive, but coding instruction is relatively new compared to other fields.

This means that creating kid’s coding franchises can pay off with much less effort. Kid’s coding franchises can take off with effective marketing and never-ending product lineups.

You Don’t have to be Experienced

Opening a kid’s coding instruction franchise doesn’t require any prior experience. Even people new to the industry can succeed with a brand because it provides the necessary training and support.

As a result, you don’t need to be concerned if you’ve never launched or run a business; choosing a kid’s coding franchise eliminates half your problems right away.

Get into the Network

A franchisor should provide continuing technical support for your business, as well as marketing assistance and staff training.

In addition to these benefits, the franchisor can connect you with a network of other kids’ coding franchise owners to assist you in developing your business and gaining skills and knowledge.

Work for Yourself

Being your own boss provides a great deal of satisfaction, and the benefits are numerous.

Some of the most appealing benefits include having more control, earning more money, and the ability to live a more flexible lifestyle.

Easy to Start

Aside from the initial investment needed to open your coding franchise, all you’ll need is an interest in technology, a strong desire to help kids explore their inner coder, and a bit of business experience to help you run everything smoothly.

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How The iCode Franchise Provides You with Support

Woman talking with coding franchise representative  When looking to enter the world of business ownership, going the franchise route comes with its fair share of perks. When you decide to become an iCode franchise owner, you can expect to benefit from our brand recognition, established customer base, and proven business plan. And not to be overlooked is the training and support you will receive. From day one, we are here to ensure your coding franchise has extraordinary potential to succeed. 

Most paths to entrepreneurship involve having to figure things out for yourself, a process of trial and error. As an iCode franchise owner, you won’t have to worry about that. Here are a few ways we will support you as you gain that highly sought-after independence that comes with being your own boss.

We’ve Cracked the Code for Top-Notch Training

Being that we are a coding franchise, problem-solving happens to be an innate strength. We recognize the importance of having a plan in place, which is why we provide thorough training to all of our iCode franchise owners. From operations and sales to curriculum and IT, we make sure you feel confident in your business ownership role. 

Providing all the insight and tools you need to get your iCode franchise up and running is just the beginning. We will also assist with your marketing efforts, setting you up with a location-specific website and online presence across multiple social media channels. And when it’s officially time for you to open your doors, we will assist you in creating a brilliant grand opening plan.  

Helping You Claim your iCode Franchise Territory 

Finding the right location is a key component of operating a thriving business. As you prepare to officially open your tech franchise, our leadership team will be there to walk you through the entire real estate process. We conduct a market survey to understand the demographics as well as where the schools and competitors are located. The iCode franchise team will also help with construction bids, designing the space, and everything in between. We pride ourselves on being more than a tech franchise, we are in the business of helping people build their dreams – literally. 

Creating Relevant Curriculum and Revenue Streams

One of the many things we’ve learned over the years of refining the iCode franchise is to never get too comfortable. We are always on the lookout for opportunities to improve and enhance the business; the way in which we support the iCode franchise owners, and how we are able to meet the needs of the customers. A big part of that is ongoing curriculum evaluations and updates. We are committed to being a coding franchise at the forefront of the tech industry. 

In addition to offering multiple revenue streams, we consistently work to create course content that meets a high demand. Our curriculum is designed in-house by our technology education experts to be adaptable to advances in technology. Defining ourselves as leaders, we think ahead of the curve to ensure our iCode franchise owners stay ahead of the competition.

This is Code for: A Do Not Miss Opportunity

In addition to offering ongoing support, the iCode franchise offers incredible growth potential. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in software development is projected to grow by 22%. This is your chance to make a living by helping kids gain important life skills such as creativity, problem-solving, collaboration, and communication while working towards a bright future. Now it’s your turn to learn more. Discover the iCode franchise opportunity

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5 Reasons Why Investing in Kid’s Coding Education Franchise is an Excellent Investment

3 kids are standing and showing prototypes of what they built, along with 2 teachers standing beside them, in front of a wall that has a colorful iCode logo.

Computers and technology have become essential for businesses to compete in a global marketplace. Many aspects of our daily lives such as transportation, currency, and even family schedules also rely on information technology these days. It’s no surprise that the need for computer programmers has risen. Each computer system is only as good as the coding that drives it, making coding skills highly valued in today’s workplace.

According to surveys, the coding job market is growing 50% faster than the other job markets. As technology develops, the demand grows for people who understand science and technology and can suggest real solutions to tomorrow’s issues. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) refers to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) as “tomorrow’s employment,” emphasising the significance of these fields. While coding is only a small part of STEM, it is becoming increasingly popular.

5 Reasons You Should Invest in a Kid’s Coding Education Franchise:

While there are multiple reasons to invest in a kid’s coding education franchise, let’s take a look at the top 5!

1) The Future of Jobs Is Here

Due to the technology’s proliferation in recent years, such as the Internet of Things, 3D printing, robotics, and automation, it has become clear that jobs related to these technologies will continue to grow in demand. 

The National Science Foundation predicts that 80% of the jobs in the future will require professionals to have science or mathematics skills.

Technologies like artificial intelligence and 3D printing offer exciting new opportunities for innovators. Students who train today could eventually find themselves working as robotics engineers, automation engineers, space explorers, biotech engineers, and even climate tech engineers!

While coding has implementations in all sectors, the IT industry is also growing at a rapid pace. Companies have been hiring for multiple roles, like frontend engineer, backend engineer, AWS engineer, database manager, and many more.

2) The Market and the Opportunity

A growing number of parents today are opting for interdisciplinary learning that involves science, technology, engineering, and mathematics courses for their children because it gives their children an edge over other students. The market will eventually see the network effect, and at some point in time, most students will likely attend some sort of coding courses.

3) Empowering the Future

By investing in a kid’s coding education franchise, you are not only creating a thriving business that will produce significant revenues in the future, but you are also providing an educational foundation for the next generation who will build the next great advances in technology. You will benefit the country by developing future talent!

4) Never Ending Product Lineups!

This type of franchise also opens up unlimited revenue streams! Unlike other skills, tech and coding skills are extremely expansive and multiple class offerings could be created. For example, you could offer boot camps on web development, full-stack development, frontend development, backend development, blockchain development, robotics, and much more!

5) A Business Opportunity Waiting to be Unlocked

Many entrepreneurs believe that there is fierce competition for every new business. Likewise, the education industry in the USA is highly competitive, but the field of coding education is newer than others. This means that you can reap great rewards with less effort by starting a kid’s coding education franchise. With great marketing and never-ending product lineups, a kid’s coding education franchise can take you to new heights.

Additional Benefits of Owning a Kid’s Coding Education Franchise 

You might be thinking, “If this is such a great market, why open a kid’s coding education franchise and not start something on my own?” These next 3 points are just for you!

Get a Headstart

Starting a new business requires many steps, such as ideation, market research, and promotions. These elements can be even more complicated and critical when related to education or other amenities for children. 

Connecting with an existing company that has tested its concept in the market and has a proven business plan can help reduce the risks and costs of starting your own business. 

You’re Never Alone

The franchisor will provide you with ongoing technical support for your business, marketing support, and training for your staff. 

In addition to these things, the franchisor will also provide you with access to a network of other kid’s coding education franchisees to help you gain skills and knowledge as you develop your business.

No Prior Experience Needed

There is no prior experience required to own a kid’s coding education franchise. The brand provides the training and support you need to be successful, so even people new to the industry can be successful with the brand.

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Checkout The Top 5 Benefits of Opening a STEM Education Franchise in the USA

Two students are working on a project while their teacher is observing them from the back 

Top Benefits of Getting a STEM Education Franchise in the USA

In the last few years, a large number of entrepreneurs have entered the education sector. One reason for this growth is that parents consistently seek quality education for their children, and investments in education rarely decline.

It is believed that the education industry, like the automotive, consumer goods, and electronics industries, will never see a downfall since education is an essential aspect of development.

But before we jump into the benefits of owning a STEM Education franchise in the USA, it’s important to understand STEM.

What Is STEM and Why Is It So Important?

The acronym STEM groups together academic disciplines in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. They are typically addressed in education policies and curriculum choices in schools. A STEM major usually includes:

  • Biotechnology
  • Computer science
  • Information technology
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Biology

But why is it so important? 

As society innovates and technology develops, the demand also grows for people who understand how these technologies work and can suggest real solutions. STEM vocations are referred to as “tomorrow’s employment” by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), which underlines the importance of these distinct areas. 

According to the National Science Foundation, STEM professions are in great demand, and many of them are expected to remain so for several years. STEM workers, on the other hand, are in short supply, which is why many universities, as well as the federal government, are encouraging more students to pursue STEM degrees.

Now that we know what STEM is and why it is so important, it’s time to understand why you should open your STEM Education Franchise!

Top 5 Benefits of Opening a STEM Education Franchise in the USA

Education franchises are on a rise, and while there are many benefits of opening a STEM Education franchise, here’s a list of the top 5 reasons:

The Domain Is Vast

Unlike other educational programs, the study of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) is wide-ranging and expansive. Possible STEM modules and workshops are innumerable, varying with an ever-changing marketplace. There are also many popular educational kits/resources including Lego EV3, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and 3D printing.

Most of the Jobs Will Be from This Field

The National Science Foundation predicted that 80% of jobs in the future will require professionals to have science or mathematics skills. 

The proliferation of technology in recent years—such as the Internet of Things, 3D printing, robotics, and automation—makes it clear that jobs related to these technologies will continue to grow in demand. 

Consequently, training in such technologies is an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs hoping to remain relevant in the job market.

Less Competition 

Numerous individuals interested in entrepreneurship believe that competition is fierce for nearly every business. Likewise, the education industry in the USA is highly competitive, but the field of STEM education is newer than other industries. This means that you can reap great rewards by starting a STEM Education Franchise without expending as much energy.

A Stunning Business Opportunity

With such vast options and high demand, a STEM Education Franchise possesses a great business opportunity that can be unlocked with the right systems and processes. You’re not only building a business that brings great revenues but also powering the building blocks of the future. These kids with advanced education will go on to build the next big things!

Learning In-Person

Parents are interested in interdisciplinary learning that involves science, technology, engineering, and mathematics concepts, because this kind of training gives their children an edge over their peers. 

Instructors can use educational kits to teach such concepts without making them feel overwhelming. The kids involved in this training become more innovative than others as they enhance their communication, teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving skills.

But Why a STEM Education Franchise and Not Start Something from Scratch?

You must be wondering if this is such a great market, why go for a franchise and not start something on your own? Well, let’s answer that question too!

You Need Not Begin from Scratch

Starting a new business involves ideation, market research, and promotions. The most challenging stage is choosing an appropriate business idea, especially ones related to education or other amenities for children. 
You can cut down on these steps if you connect with an already established brand, such as iCode. It’s like getting a formula that industry experts have already tested. This minimizes the risks often associated with startups.

Help and Support from the Franchisor

The franchisor will provide you with ongoing technical support, marketing support, and training. In addition, they will also give you access to a network of other franchisees that can help you as you develop your business.

Established Customer Base

When you partner with a franchise brand that already has a proven business concept and operating model, you will have a lower statistical risk of failure. Building a customer base is one of the most difficult things, but it’s much easier when building off of an existing brand.

Instant Visibility and Promotion

By associating with a well-known brand, you can focus on the production aspects of your business while still utilizing the support that comes from working with a reputable company. You don’t have to worry about building a brand and winning people’s trust as with a new company.

No Prior Experience Needed

It is not an issue if you have no prior experience owning or managing a business. When you join a well-established STEM Education Franchise brand, the franchisor will provide the necessary training and support; thus, even if you have no experience, you can still be successful!

Open Your STEM Education Franchise Today!

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Education Franchise Trends In 2022

our education trends in 2022 helping out students to excel

Over the past two years, things have changed quite a bit in the education franchise industry. In this world of embracing the new normal, everyone is trying to adapt as best they can and that includes making sure children get the academic support they need. Education franchises have always played an important role in meeting a highly sought after demand but now, more than ever, franchises like iCode are being asked to step up to the plate. Fully prepared to hit it out of the park, here are a few of the 2022 education franchise trends iCode has been sure to keep in mind. 

Virtual Learning is Still in the Picture

Although the vast majority of schools have resumed in-person learning, there are still many parents who have opted to stick with the virtual learning format. There are also instances where schools are having to teach classes online due to ensure the safety of students and faculty. Amidst the continued safety precautions and social distancing exists a space for a tech franchise like iCode to provide supplemental skill sets to the current school curriculum—and bonus points for being able to provide a virtual learning option. 

Utilizing an education franchise that builds upon the basics while enhancing collaboration, time management, and problem-solving abilities is a crucial step in providing children with the tools they need to succeed. Our innate desire to put things into patterns and sequences has proven beneficial, allowing us to have the foresight to continue refining our virtual courses. So, as we’ve come to realize we have not yet officially said goodbye to virtual learning, many have chosen to say hello to the help of a highly respected tech franchise like iCode.

Creating the Right Company Culture

Flexibility. Compassion. Well-being. These are three concepts that climbed their way to the top of the priority list during the pandemic and have maintained their value in 2022. In order for an education franchise to reach its full potential, it must have the right people representing the business. From day one, iCode has taken great pride in creating a culture that respects and supports its staff in every way possible. Franchisees are the foundation upon which a brand’s success stands.

As a tech franchise, we are extremely detail-oriented, which means we don’t overlook the little things that make a big difference to our franchise owners. iCode is an advocate for work/life balance, optimism, camaraderie, and fulfillment. Beyond the numbers and symbols, we work diligently to crack the code of how to best nurture our franchisees, team members, parents, students, and everyone who interacts with our education franchise.

Full Speed Ahead with Automation 

As a reputable education franchise, iCode is known for teaching more than coding. In fact, time management is one of the many skills students can expect to obtain when signing up for our classes and camps. And speaking of time, it should always be used wisely. This is why automation will continue to be a powerful tool for education franchises in the coming year. 

Technology has paved the way for software that makes it possible to automate many tedious tasks. This includes scheduling, tracking attendance, grading, creating course templates and implementing training modules. The hours that it would normally take to complete that long list of to-dos will now shift, allowing education franchise instructors to refocus on what matters most: engaging with their students.

Embrace the Growing Coding Culture

If you’re looking to make a positive impact on future generations while having the opportunity to own a profitable business, iCode could be the solution to your entrepreneurial aspirations. Take a minute to learn more about this education franchise that’s at the forefront of the tech industry.

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