10 Reasons Why Coding Franchises May Be on the Rise in 2022

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When it comes to investments, there’s a lot to consider. How much can you invest? What are the expectations from your investment? How can you make the most of what you have? In the past decade, many people have decided to invest in kids coding franchises to live out their dream of owning a business while also helping children prepare for the future.

Kids coding franchises are one of the fastest-growing sectors in franchising, and it’s not hard to see why. There are many reasons why education franchises are a smart investment.

10 Reasons Why You Should Own Kids Coding Franchises in 2022

While there are plenty of reasons why you should consider kids coding franchises, let’s take a look at the top 10 reasons!

1. A Great Opportunity

The demand for computer science professionals is growing worldwide. Unfortunately, the number of people with the skills and knowledge to code is not keeping pace. This means that many vacant positions in the industry remain unfilled. Global initiatives advocate for every child to learn how to code, however, they fail to provide actionable steps for parents or students. Parents know their students should be involved in STEM educationbut school systems can’t keep up with evolving technology. The demand grows for businesses that can help future generations learn how to code and prepare them for the workforce of tomorrow.

2. Evolving Technology

In recent years, technology has been rapidly evolving. Some key terms you might have heard include the Internet of Things, 3D printing, robotics, and automation. Artificial intelligence and 3D printing have opened up new opportunities for inventors by streamlining processes and making it faster and easier than ever to bring ideas to life. Kids coding franchises let you create a business that will continue to grow along with technological advances. And students will keep coming back to your business to learn about the latest innovations.

3. A Changing Workforce

he world of work is changing. More and more employers expect workers to have a certain level of technical skill. Soon, most jobs will involve some level of technology, and the workforce will have to adapt. Kids coding franchises present great opportunities for entrepreneurs, as most people are becoming aware of this impending problem and actively looking for a solution.

4. Build the Future

Kids coding franchises not only stand to be profitable businesses, but they are also vital in building an educational foundation for the next generation. US educational institutions need innovative programs to foster future talent, and they’re looking for programs like kids coding franchises to fill that need.

5. Never Worry About Product Offerings

Technology is vast and ever-expanding, with limitless areas of focus. Each focus could have its own set of courses that help kids level up in the area they’re most interested in, from programming languages to robotics. Kids coding franchises give you the ability to grow and adapt your offering along with the changing technology. 

6. This is the Right Time

When most business owners start a new venture, they often face stiff competition. The competition is fierce in the US education industry, but coding instruction is still relatively new compared to other fields. This means that launching a kids coding franchise can pay off with much less effort and investment than opening another tutoring or test prep center.

7. No Experience Required

If you’ve been looking for a new business idea, you might consider starting kids coding franchises. With franchising, even people with no prior experience can succeed since the brand provides training and support throughout the process. Jumping into business ownership can be scary, but with an established brand behind you, you’ll be eliminating half the problems right away.

8. You Get the Support

When you start your own kids coding franchises, you buy more than just the right to set up a business. A good franchisor should provide you with continuing technical support, as well as marketing assistance, and staff training. In addition to these benefits, the franchisor can connect you with their network of other kids coding franchise owners to assist you in developing your business and gaining skills and knowledge.

9. Be Your Own Boss

Many people fantasize about being their own boss. It’s easy to see why. Being your own boss means having more control over your schedule, potentially making more money, and enjoying a more flexible lifestyle. As a small business owner, you also have the opportunity to build a legacy that outlives you. connect with iCode School today.

10. Easy to Start

To start, all you’ll need is an interest in technology, a strong desire to help kids explore their inner coder, and some business experience to help you run everything smoothly. The franchisor will walk you through the rest!

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