How Children’s Coding Franchises Benefit Everyone’s Futures

Photo of female child in pink and blue shirt smiling at desk with laptop.

Children’s franchises can vary largely in their goals or mindsets. Some might be geared toward key extracurricular classes, while others may develop children’s intersocial skills and emotional intelligence. With a lot of choices, it can be hard trying to narrow down which one you want to own. Which one is the right fit for you and your students?

Start by narrowing down your options. Always look for an education franchise that will help the students in the long run—not just keep them busy after school every day. At iCode, we teach our kids hard and soft skills that can be applicable to their futures, careers, and relationships. Find out what kids learn, how it applies to a broader picture, and how a franchise like iCode benefits your future, too.

1. Students Learn How to be a Team Player

What saying did you hear the most when you were growing up? “Be nice and play well with others” is a tried-and-true lesson that nearly everyone has been told at least once. The value of treating others with respect is important for kids to learn early. They also need to understand how to share, work well in a group, and collaborate using various ideas.

These are key functionalities that children will need at any age, and you can help them learn them by franchising with iCode. As an education franchise, we teach students how to work in teams and even how to organize and run their own teams. We believe every child should learn respect and communication on their teams while still having fun and learning to code.

Photo of a group of children cheering and playing in a robotics competition

2. Students Receive a STEAM Education for All Careers

Technology is developing so fast, and it’s really hard to keep up if you don’t have a good foundation already. Kids are growing up surrounded by advanced technology already. It’s important to their wellbeing and career opportunities that they stay on top of the newest STEAM developments.

Education franchises like iCode are here to help make this process easy, engaging, and rewarding. We teach students different coding languages along with skills like robotics and design. With this, they also learn soft skills like problem-solving and strategy. And with booming tech and coding industries, students are better prepared to tackle any new programs or everyday devices that the future may hold.

3. How You Benefit as an Education Franchise Owner

At iCode, we help you be a model team player, too. You can reach out to your franchisee community to discover new ways to network, develop engaging programs, and relate with your clients. Working with other owners helps you develop your own interpersonal skills and gives you the support of a strong leadership team.

Teaching students the basic functionality of current technology is useful to you, as well. Because iCode offers several different programs, your customer base can be strong and diverse. You can leverage your programs to help recruit students of all ages who need a refresher, want to learn a new skill or coding language, or are interested in developing their interpersonal relationships. At iCode, we help make networking easy and provide plenty of opportunities to expand your new business.

Take Charge of Your Future with a Children’s Franchise

iCode is excited to talk with you about your business future. Put your teamwork and technology skills to good use by contacting us today and learning more about franchising with iCode.