How Do We Compare?


iCode prides itself on the sleek, high-tech
look and feel of our locations.
We’ve created a professional feel
with our modern, glass facilities and
state-of-the-art table computer systems.

Most of our competitors follow a
simplistic design for their franchise
locations, taking away the intricacies
and creativity that the high-tech industry
iCode heavily emphasizes one-on-one
instruction and individualized learning.
For this reason, we have enforced a
strict 1:6 ratio of teachers to students, so
that every student gets the focus
they deserve.

Most other coding schools have large
teacher-to-student ratios (1:20+). This
results in a blanket teaching method and
impersonal and limited interactions
with the students.
Each of our locations house 4
spacious rooms each with a solid
maximum occupancy of 12.

Some of our competitor’s locations only
house one room for actual learning
which results in overcrowding and
the inability to segment students on
age or expertise.
All of our location’s offer 100% proprietary
curriculum that is developed by our in-house curriculum development team which allows us to provide ongoing modifications to our
curriculum to leverage the latest trends
in computer science.

Most of our competitors have predefined
curriculum, hindering creativity and
the opportunity for development on new
insights in the fast-moving technological
We have broadened our
audience by now offering new programs
targeted at teens and adults, leading to one of
the largest addressable markets in the
industry for our franchisors.
Lacking our unique availability to access
all age groups, our competitors witness
a much smaller addressable market for
each of their territories.
Our iCode Summer Camps are some
of the most extensive in the industry.
We run our camps Mon.-Fri.
from 9-4 for an all-day affair.
Most of our competitors do not run their
summer camps for as long as we do.
Some only run for half-days, meaning
franchisors are missing out on prime
business hours.