Franchisees Share Why They’re Thankful to Be a Part of iCode

Kid’s Coding Education Franchise
In today’s digital age, the iCode franchise engages children with comprehensive STEAM curriculum and programs in a fun and collaborative environment. iCode franchisees appreciate a robust franchising process that helps them make the most out of their investment. “We were always excited by the clear structured curriculum of iCode, which is a key differentiator compared to any other, but the plans and continuous growth have made us certain that we made the right choice,” says Ganesh N. Shastri, owner of iCode in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Outstanding franchisee support also wins iCode high marks. “From selecting the location to advising during lease negotiations, monitoring the construction and procurement process, selecting staff to marketing strategies, the franchise was with me. This allowed us as owners to focus on what we needed to do the most – build business and focus on the customer,” says Shreyans Jain, iCode owner at Coppell, Texas. Shastri agrees. “The support and willingness of our partners in corporate to work closely with us and help us actively through every step has made the journey less fraught, even for a newcomer,” he says. Felix Mathias is especially grateful that he is able to develop talent for tomorrow’s jobs. “After a decade and a half in the software engineering industry, it became clear that we need to do more in this country to attract the new generation to software development. Salaries and demand are very high but yet again the talent is scarce. I decided to be part of the solution and my background in science enabled me to do a thorough search of national franchises that fill the gap in computer education for kids…The value proposition of iCode is hard to beat, and we decided to offer it to our hometown of Pittsburgh,” Mathias says. A high-demand market, proprietary curriculum, exemplary support, multiple revenue streams and more make for many satisfied franchisees. We’re thankful for our extended franchise family as we expand into new markets. Learn more about the iCode franchise and why our franchisees appreciate the opportunity.

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