What to Look for in a Children’s Franchise

Children’s education is a continually growing field of business and isn’t going to slow down any time soon. As such, education franchises are excellent investment opportunities. Finding the right one for you, however, can be tricky if you don’t know what to look for.

As you delve into your children’s franchise searches, you’ll begin to narrow down what you do and don’t want from the experience. To guide your decision making and establish a beneficial jumping off point for your entrepreneurial journey, consider these ideal features that a trustworthy children’s franchise should have.

What is a Children’s Franchise and is it Right for You?

With education constantly on the rise for children and young adults, parents are looking to supplement and expand their kids’ learning with organizations outside their local school curriculums. Children’s franchises like iCode help meet the demand for strong educational experiences.

As with school curriculums, there are many different focuses in children’s franchises. At iCode, for example, we teach children how to think like coders and enhance their skills in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM).

If you are excited to help kids learn computer science and coding languages to help position them for bright futures and leadership roles, a children’s franchise with a focus on technology like iCode may be the answer for you.

Identify What You Want from a Children’s Franchise

Take a moment to consider what you want from your education franchise experience. Are you excited to be hands on and interact directly with instructors and students? What type of content do you want to teach children? At iCode, we place strong emphasis on children’s needs, furthering their future potential, and developing long-lasting community ties. If that’s what you’re motivated to pursue, then franchising with iCode is a great option for you.

photo of classroom of kids at a gray table raising their hands and looking at male teacher in black shirt

Children’s Needs are Top Priority

Always check that your education franchising opportunities are geared toward the needs of your students. iCode puts a strong emphasis on ensuring our students experience success rather than memorize facts, and we strive to help them learn long-lasting, solid fundamentals over the latest trends. Make sure your education franchise encourages safe spaces to be a team player and values students’ outcomes and enrichment.

These core values help ensure that the students’ needs are a primary focus; look for children’s franchises like iCode with strong, established core values.

Facilities and Curriculum are Future Oriented  

At iCode, we provide franchisees with top-notch facilities that are equipped to handle the challenges and explorations that our kids take on each day. Technology is always changing, so education franchises need to be caught up on the latest updates. Always make sure that the children’s franchise you want to own is on par with the newest technology; that way, students aren’t receiving lessons on out-of-date software programs.

iCode also teaches methodologies that apply to other career paths, so kids who choose a career path outside of STEAM still benefit no matter what. Children’s franchises must offer project-based learning with a very clear program style, so students know exactly what they’re achieving and are motivated to tackle the next challenge. Belts and camps at iCode, for example, help students recognize their successes and work together on teams to help prepare them for any future career path.

photo of male child on Apple desktop computer using a computer program

Community Network is Strong  

Make your franchising life easier by seeking out a franchise with strong community ties. By networking with local school and organizations, you can grow your customer base quicker. iCode partners with community schools and universities to help you find students and recruit instructors—which helps your franchise stand out from other children’s tech franchises.

Word of mouth is also fundamental to education franchising. If the oldest child has a rewarding experience at your iCode franchise, then the parents may sign up the younger kids, too. Take advantage of your networking skills and tap into iCode’s style of school partnerships and community connections.

How You Can Benefit from an iCode Franchise

iCode has already done a lot of the groundwork for you. As a children’s franchise, we put our students’ needs at the top of our priority list and help create safe, educational spaces for them to learn about technology. Our facilities and curriculums push them to achieve goals on teams and help set them up for a bright future, no matter what career paths they choose. We also help establish strong community ties, so you can network easily and build your clientele.

Are you ready to reach your entrepreneurial goals? Be your own boss and find out more about iCode franchise ownership today.