Why iCode is a Coding Franchise for Entrepreneurs

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When contemplating your next career move, you may find yourself interested in business ownership. Starting a business from scratch, however, can be a difficult undertaking. When you own a coding or education franchise with iCode, you’ll have access to a preestablished, proven system to build your business on.

As a franchise owner, you’ll experience the freedom of business ownership with a reputable brand to back you and endless support and training throughout the process. Find out how iCode can help turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality today.

iCode is a Renowned Education Franchise

Entrepreneurs can benefit from iCode’s reputation in the education franchise industry. We are known for our proprietary curriculum that stands out with hands-on experiences for students and interactive classrooms. Our franchises include top-of-the-line technology and convenient locations for parents and students alike.

As an entrepreneur, it’s vital to network and learn about your community’s needs. We will help you build a reputation of your own in your community by providing guidance on how to network with local schools and other groups. This way, you can get your name out there and start to recruit new students. At iCode, we’re prepared to help get your coding franchise off the groun and help build a reputation that your neighbors will recognize and share with others.

A Proven Business Model & Key Support

Deciding between an independent business and franchise ownership can be tricky. Starting your own business means you’ll be responsible for creating your own business structure. When you own an education franchise, that structure is already in place for you and has been proven time and again. At iCode, our franchisees have access to a proven business model that’ll help you get off your feet and recruit students to your classrooms.

We provide you with top-notch, in-depth training that covers the basics of getting your coding franchise up and running as well as regular check-ins and assistance along the way. You’ll also have access to experts in the coding franchise industry who are happy to provide advice on your entrepreneurial journey. We even refer you to reputable lenders, so you can create a custom financial plan. All of this is provided as part of your initial investments—which, as an independent business owner, would otherwise be paid for separately.

We Help Owners of All Experience Levels

Whether you’re experienced in education, coding, business, or franchising, iCode can help you build the business of your dreams. We enjoy helping entrepreneurs of all walks of life. It’s something we also communicate to our students. Rather than turning away kids who haven’t coded before, our franchise owners provide them with teachers who guide them step by step and help them gain technical expertise and real-world skills they’ll need.

At iCode, we believe that inspiring others to think differently and try new things strongly translates into franchise ownership. So, whether you’ve just begun to look into franchising or already have years under your belt, we welcome and help each franchise owner no matter what.

Start Your Entrepreneurial Journey with iCode

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