Why Start a Children’s Franchise?

Children’s franchise instructor teaches three girls to code robots using a laptop


iCode provides coding and computer science classes for students in kindergarten all the way up to seniors in high school. Our children’s franchise opportunity gives values-driven entrepreneurs a pathway to building an impactful business that makes a difference in their communities.

Tech has become an in-demand industry with promising career opportunities for students who pursue STEM education. This has caused children’s franchises like iCode to grow in popularity, serving as a way to foster kids’ interest in tech. Learn what else makes iCode a rewarding and fruitful children’s franchise opportunity.

Reduce Gaps in the Education System

While it’s clear the demand for careers in computer science, tech, and other STEM fields continues to grow, many kids don’t have access to relevant classes at their schools. Coding is far from required coursework at most public and private grade schools throughout the country, putting kids with an interest in computer science at a disadvantage.

Your children’s education franchise would offer students a chance to supplement their education with hands-on coding classes and experience. With a variety of classes, area focuses, and pathways to choose from, students can gain the necessary skills to prepare them for higher education, and eventually a career, in tech.

Improve Students’ Academic Performance

iCode’s proprietary curricula focus on the development of soft skills in tandem with coding skills. This includes fundamental skills like problem solving, collaboration, logical thinking, and much more. These valuable lessons are transferrable to other types of classes and areas of life, potentially boosting students’ performance in school.

To learn more about how coding classes can positively impact kids’ lives, head to this blog.

Help Kids Discover Confidence

The iCode children’s franchise focuses on hands-on lessons that enable students to build and create tangible outcomes, like a functioning piece of code or even a robot. Seeing the connection between their hard work and the deliverables gives our students confidence in their abilities.

For some of our students, this is the only extracurricular they’ve enjoyed. Collaborating with other kids who have the same interests gives students a sense of belonging they may not have otherwise experienced.

Parents Want to Invest in Their Kids’ Futures

While students are the ones attending classes at your children’s franchise, their parents will be your target customers. Today’s parents are realizing that coding classes are a productive way to turn their children’s interest in video games and YouTube into a lucrative skillset. Rather than spending hours playing video games alone in their rooms, kids can collaborate with other students to create new capabilities within those video games!

Parents choose iCode because our proprietary curricula have been developed by a team of professionals who stay up to date with the latest trends in coding. We continually update and improve our curricula based on new findings in both tech and education. This helps to prepare their kids for promising career paths.

Learn More About the iCode Children’s Franchise

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