Interested in becoming an iCode franchise owner and bringing quality STEM education to kids in your community? We’re excited to hear from you! We have many prime franchise opportunities still available throughout the United States.

Protected Areas

When franchisees join the iCode family, they receive their own protected territory based on the area’s demographics and other factors, including population density, household income, number of kids in our target range, and much more.

Data-Driven Decision Making

A Heat Map of the New York Area showing the best places to open an iCode

Our state-of-the-art demographic mapping software pinpoints the exact locations where an iCode franchise opportunity would be most successful! Our franchise development team will even help you identify and secure your real estate. We want to set our franchisees on the right track from the beginning!

We’re looking for individuals with a passion for kids and helping them reach their full potential through STEM education. We’re looking for ‘go-getters’ with drive and a determination to succeed. If this sounds like you, your first step is to check out the available territories map below to see if there is an iCode franchise opportunity near you!

We have franchise opportunities available in nearly every US Market. When iCode’s proprietary geographic targeting software helps prospective franchisees choose the best physical location in their area we use a first come first served policy to determine who can reserve a desired area. Schedule a call with us today to find the best location in your area to open a new school, and reserve the best spot available spot near you.

Check back for more upcoming opportunities!

How to use
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  • Orange dots indicate an existing or upcoming iCode campus.
  • Hover over each state for a list of available territories.

If you don’t see your preferred area listed, please contact us.
We are happy to discuss your interest in additional markets or answer any questions you may have.

We also offer an additional franchise opportunity concept for rural areas or areas that are less densely populated. Our ‘Reach’ model requires a lower investment level as it forgoes the traditional brick and mortar campus. Instead, the franchisee operates within a mobile environment working with local schools, libraries, and churches to carry out classes.

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