Kids working on a robotics project

As parents, we want the best education and opportunities for our children. At iCode, we provide this by filling a vital role that is missing in most schools today. More and more parents are demanding STEM education, but schools simply cannot keep up with the ever-changing technology to provide a quality program in this area. Fewer than half of US schools even offer computer science classes (Source:

iCode creates a quality STEM education experience through 3 main aspects:

  1. The curriculum
  2.  The learning aids and equipment
  3.  The learning environment

iCode has painstakingly developed 4,000+ hours of STEM curriculum over the last several years, and we’ve relentlessly and continually revised and improved the curriculum as technology continues to change. We’ve also incorporated important non-STEM-specific soft skills into our curriculum like teamwork, leadership, and presentation skills because we believe in making a positive impact on the life of each student and not just developing their technical knowledge.

We equip our classrooms or ‘hubs’ with all of the latest tech including programmable drones, robotics kits, engineering building blocks, 3D printers, microcomputers, and more, giving kids hands-on experiences that keep them engaged and excited to learn. These activities help reinforce the lessons and help aid in concept retention. All of this combined makes iCode not only a great place to learn STEM but also one of the best franchises to own.

In addition, we have built STEM facilities unlike any other after-school program in the nation. Our modern, Apple-esque kids franchise campuses create a stimulating and inspiring atmosphere for students to learn. Our facilities feature multiple hubs where we can offer a variety of class types based on a student’s age, skill level, and interests. Our hubs also promote collaboration and the development of soft skills with other like-minded peers.

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In summary, parents love iCode because we have created a quality STEM program that excites and engages their children, and we’re simply one of the best franchises to own, STEM or otherwise.