Our franchisees strongly believe in the iCode mission. We are passionate about bringing a quality STEM education to the children in our communities utilizing a fun, hands-on approach. That’s what makes ours one of the best franchises to own.

Some of our franchisees had no technology experience but understood the importance of STEM education for today’s kids. Many of them searched for months or even years to find the best franchise partner with a business model that could provide a quality education. Some noticed an educational gap in their own communities and wanted to do something about it. A variety of paths led our franchisees to the same solution: iCode.

Through an instructor-led, classroom setting, we’re able to deliver our STEM curriculum and reinforce lessons with projects in a group environment that encourages peer-to-peer collaboration. These interactions help students to develop vital soft skills that help them in all areas of their lives…and make a few friends while they’re at it! When students learn together, they find shared interests, and shared interests lead to friendships. Learning with friends helps to ensure the students stay engaged!

iCode is one of the best franchises to own because our franchisees have experienced first-hand the appreciation from parents for the opportunities provided to their students. They are elated watching their child get excited about learning because iCode has been able to do what many after-school programs cannot….keep kids engaged! It’s not uncommon for our franchisees to hear students begging their parents to stay ‘just a little bit longer.’ When you make learning fun, kids will forget that they’re learning important skills and enjoy expanding their imagination and thinking critically.

Listen to our franchise reviews as a few of our franchisees talk about how our unique business model provides an experience that can’t be found anywhere else, the satisfaction they gain from knowing their helping students in their community succeed, and how this concept practically sells itself to parents and students alike.


Listen as a few iCode franchisees talk about how our unique business model creates an experience like no other and the joy they feel knowing they’re helping students in their community succeed.