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Revenue Streams

We offer a variety of STEM programs designed to meet the learning and scheduling needs of today’s students. Whether they’re looking for a strong foundation in all things STEM, or they just want to focus on an area of particular interest, we’ve got a program for them!

Our programs are also designed to create recurring revenue streams and feed into one another. For instance, in our after-school Belt Program, each belt takes 9 months to complete with 9 belt levels currently available. That’s 9 school-years’ worth of curriculum! But when the school year ends, the learning (and FUN) doesn’t stop. We market directly to our existing student body to enroll them into our exciting summer camps!

Our franchising opportunities business model provides a variety of solutions to keep your iCode campus buzzing with students. Take a look below at some of the many ways iCode franchisees can build their student enrollments.

Our revenue streams include:

Belt Program – Our signature, comprehensive STEM program offered during after-school hours at our iCode campuses. Each belt takes 9 months to complete and covers a different STEM topic. From simple Scratch Coding to game development, robotics and drones, years of gamified learning awaits kids at iCode

Path Program – Our topic-focused program is offered during after-school hours at our iCode campuses. Paths allow students to take a deep dive into a chosen subject. While the Belts program takes students through a variety of STEM topics, some kids just want to focus on one thing that interests them.

Tech Clubs – Tech Club is a bespoke one or two-hour-per-week program held after school at a local school. Students will take 1-hour lessons from iCode’s proprietary STEAM curriculum, enriching their school day with interactive lessons that apply coding in STEAM technologies.

Summer Camps – 3 and 5-day camps are offered each week of the summer break covering the latest trends in technology, gaming, and design. A wide variety of camps focused on things kids love like Minecraft, robots, even graphic arts are covered in a safe, fun environment kids love.

Holiday Camps – 1- or 3-day camps at our iCode campuses during school holidays. If school is out, iCode camps are on! Many parents need to work while their kids are on break, so holiday camps give them a place to send their kids while school’s out.

Off-site Partnerships – iCode classes offered at community libraries, churches, & other local businesses. Aside from partnerships that corporate develops with companies like TI, MSI, Professional Sports teams, and others, Franchise owners partner up at the local level in ways that benefit both their business and the community as a whole.

School Partnerships – Our after-school program is offered at school facilities for those students without transportation to their local iCode campus. iCode has also developed relationships with some of the largest home school organizations in the country like Enlightium Academy and the Texas Home School Coalition, and local franchises benefit from these partnerships with daytime learning opportunities for those students.

Corporate Partnerships – Our leadership team is always building strategic partnerships. Our franchisees benefit from additional enrollments brought in through these partnerships.

These combined help make iCode STEM franchises some of the most profitable franchises on the market and in the industry.