General Questions

iCode offers STEM education to kids through our afterschool programs held at our high-tech, fully-equipped campuses. We also offer camps during school breaks including summer, spring break, and holidays. In local communities, we partner with public, private, and charter schools to offer our afterschool program at the school’s facility.

iCode’s instructors utilize a teaching methodology that includes a combination of instructional and hands-on, interactive learning. Our curriculum also helps students develop vital soft skills, including critical thinking, problem solving, presentation skills, leadership, and collaboration.

iCode was founded by Abid Abedi, an entrepreneur who has launched over 15 startups in IT, wireless, real estate, hospitality, and education across 11 countries. Total revenue for his companies has exceeded $3 Billion over the past 25 years.

iCode has courses and camps available for students 6-18 years of age.

Programming is the language of the future. The demand for trained technical workers grows each year and this trend is expected to grow for the foreseeable future. Additionally, iCode students are immersed in developing transferrable soft skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving, perseverance, presentation skills, collaboration, computational thinking, and more. The soft skills our students acquire will have a positive impact on both their personal and academic lives.

iCode has developed over 4,000 hours of proprietary curriculum. Our curriculum is designed to provide students with a combination of traditional classroom learning and a hands-on, interactive learning experience. We utilize gamified learning to teach our students concepts such as algorithms, database, flowcharting, and more. While our Signature Belt Program provides a progressive and comprehensive STEM education, our Path Program provides a deep-dive into a specific topic of interest. Our Camp Program offers over 25 popular camps and provides a fun and engaging experience in areas such as AI, coding, drone programming, 3-D printing, digital design, video game development, and more.

Questions about iCode Centers

During the school year, we host after school programs during the week as well as on Saturdays. During the summer, we host camps Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm and we offer early drop-off and late-pickup as an option.  We also offer holiday camps throughout the year.

Absolutely. You are welcome to relax comfortably in our lobby with access to our free Wi-Fi.

Yes, each center is secured by professional security system. There are security cameras positioned throughout each location and live footage displayed in the Campus Director’s office.

Our campuses have 4-5 classrooms, with a maximum capacity of 10-12 students per room.

Pricing varies by city. Our afterschool programs range from $250-$300 per month. The pricing of our week-long summer camps vary by market but range from specialty pricing of $250+ to regular rates of up to $400-$500 per week.

iCode is quickly expanding throughout the U.S., with locations represented in over 26 states. Our differentiated business model, combined with the explosive growth of the technology industry provides an outstanding opportunity to open your own iCode franchise.

Franchising Questions

No.  Having coding experience or educational teaching experience is not required.  You have the option to be an owner-operator, absentee, or semi-absentee owner.  Many of our franchisees have full-time careers and hire a director.  We assist with the interview process and facilitate training to our franchisees and their directors.

We are looking for dynamic individuals who understand the importance of what iCode delivers.  We are building a community of franchisees who share our passion for making a positive difference in kids’ lives throughout the country.

No. All updates to our curriculum are updated in our LMS and available to our franchisees at no additional cost.

We utilize data to identify locations that are ideal for iCode success. There are several factors we consider, including household income, median home values, student population, proximity of schools, percentage of household income spent on education, and other variables. We also look for shopping centers that have complementary businesses to ensure a steady flow of families into the area. We input all these variables to define search areas and help us with site selection. We will also assist with lease negotiations once an ideal location is identified.

We have a dedicated training department and provide detailed training for campus directors and instructors through our scheduled monthly training sessions and a library of training videos. We also require new franchisees and directors to spend a week at the corporate headquarters to get exposure to an iCode in operation and gain hands-on experience with successfully operating an iCode campus.
Once you’re up and running, our Franchisee Business Coach will be there offering field support to assist with growth, operations, standards and ongoing training.

Our leadership and support teams our dedicated to your success.  As a franchisor, we are only successful if our franchisees are successful! We have policies and procedures in place to ensure our franchisees, directors, and instructors are provided with the highest level of initial and ongoing training and support. We also host monthly frontline collaboration calls with all franchisees and directors to provide company updates, share ideas, discuss, and address issues and opportunities.

No.  Our business model is conducive to being an owner/operator, semi-absentee owner, or absentee owner.  Many of our franchisees have full-time careers and hire a director. We assist our new franchisees with the interview process for directors, instructors, and provide all training.

Yes, you will have a protected territory. The protected territory will be determined based upon the location of your iCode, demographic information, student population, and location of schools.

Yes. We offer both site-specific franchise agreements and area-development franchise agreements. Your financial qualifications will be reviewed with you to determine your ability to open multiple locations as well as a timeline. If you franchise a single location, you can also expand into additional locations later.

No. You don’t need to be a coder as we will guide you on hiring instructors and assist with instructor interviews. We also provide the initial instructor training, plus continuing education for instructors on a monthly basis.

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Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Questions