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With a proven business model, streamlined low cost franchise opportunities, and ongoing support, iCode franchisees have strong revenue potential.

With an innovative low-cost franchise opportunity model that supports multiple revenue streams, iCode franchisees have a significant opportunity to generate profits. Plus, iCode franchise opportunity campuses are designed to be highly attractive to children. Our bold colors, writable glass walls, and fully-equipped hubs keep kids excited and engaged in our programs over the years. Many iCode franchise opportunity parents even claim that ours is the only education program their children beg them to attend. 

Highest Average Revenue Compared to Our Competitors.

iCode Franchise campuses on average generate higher revenue than our competitors. In 2022, our average location generated a gross revenue of $316,597, and over 45% of our campuses exceeded this benchmark.

Average Revenue By Comparison iCode Logo Code Ninjas Coder School Mathnasium
FDD Year 2022 2022 2021 2022
Average Gross Revenue $316,597* $230,415 $297,936 $311,473
Median Gross Revenue $307,467 $230,415 $269,122 $273,274
Percentage of Schools Meeting or Exceeding 45% 43% 40% 40*

Average Annual Revenue

Our franchise owners tend to experience significant increases in gross revenue year over year. The average location experiences nearly 100% growth in revenue between years 1 and 3.


As the franchisor, we want to see you succeed, which means we’ll be there to guide you every step of the way. Our training team will ensure you’re set up for success through onboarding and continued training. Our marketing team will provide collateral and ongoing support to help you drive enrollments and partnerships at your campus. 

The Importance of Marketing Support

Franchise Opportunities With a Low Initial Investment

We have negotiated with national vendors for all construction materials you’ll need to open a low cost franchise opportunity iCode, thereby reducing your initial investment. We also utilize data to identify and select the right location to ensure you’re in an ideal franchise opportunity spot to generate revenue as quickly as possible.