Multiple ‘Hubs’ (Classrooms)

Unlike most after-school franchise education programs which have one large room for all ages and small round tables and chairs, iCode campuses have 4 classrooms or ‘hubs’ with adult-size tables and chairs. This does two things. First the children feel empowered as they are being treated as adults and not kids. Second, they have an opportunity to collaborate and work in a team environment with students of their own age and interests. 

Franchise Growth

By having children work in a team environment, they become friends with their classmates. This creates longevity because if one of the children continues to the next level, his/her friends will want to join as well. Our after-school franchise curriculum is also structured in progressive levels, so when the student completes one course after a graduation ceremony complete with blockchain-powered certificates, it’s a natural transition into the next. By working this way, we are able to continually focus on lifetime growth of the value of our independently owned franchises.

Multiple Franchise Growth Programs Simultaneously

By having multiple hubs, we can offer different franchise growth programs and accommodate children of different ages and interests instead of a ‘one-size-fits-all’ model. For instance, we can offer four different summer camps simultaneously. In most cases, our summer revenues alone equal or exceed the entire after-school franchise YTD revenue of our competitors. 

Off-Site Partnerships

Having our own proprietary after-school franchise curriculum allows us the flexibility to teach our curriculum at ISDs and through other partnerships like the Girls Scouts, thereby increasing your opportunity for additional franchise growth revenues without location and size constraints. Many of our brand-new franchisees have been able to start generating revenue off-site before their iCode campus is finished being built. We are currently partnering with multiple schools throughout the US including nationally recognized homeschooling organizations like Enlightium Academy


Our after-school franchise campuses are designed to welcome and excite children. From glass walls they can write on, to the bold colors and lighting, the look and feel of our centers are unlike any other after-school education program in the nation. 

iCode in A Box

iCode has assembled a comprehensive turnkey solution designed to streamline the process of launching an iCode campus by providing everything needed to hit the ground running saving our franchisees valuable time and money. From state-of-the-art equipment to stylish furniture, durable flooring, elegant glass installations, and branded supplies, our ‘iCode-In-A-Box’ offering leaves no stone unturned in ensuring a seamless setup process.

One of the most daunting challenges for any new business is the task of sourcing and coordinating the various components necessary to establish a fully operational site. With iCode-In-A-Box, this burden is lifted, allowing entrepreneurs to focus their time and energy on other critical aspects of their venture like building partnerships, hiring a great team, and sales. By bundling together all the essential elements of a campus setup, from the practicalities of equipment to the aesthetics of furniture and flooring, this solution offers convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind.

Moreover, the inclusion of branded signage, graphics, and supplies ensures that each franchise location maintains a consistent and professional image aligned with the overarching brand identity. From our unique wall graphics to promotional materials, every detail is carefully curated to reinforce brand recognition and customer loyalty.

This turnkey solution simplifies the process for entrepreneurs and accelerates their path to profitability by providing a one-stop-shop approach to franchise setup. With all the necessary components readily available and expertly coordinated, franchisees can open their doors to customers with confidence, knowing that they have the support and infrastructure needed to thrive.

In an increasingly competitive business landscape, time is of the essence, and the ability to launch quickly and efficiently can make all the difference. With the ultimate turnkey franchise solution, entrepreneurs can transform their aspirations into reality without delay, setting the stage for long-term success and prosperity. Find out how today. 

Future Franchise Growth Opportunities

Our campuses were designed with our full, future vision in mind. This vision will create new revenue streams by opening franchise growth doors to new markets that will utilize iCode campuses during the daytime. Attend one of our Discovery Day presentations to learn more!

Curriculum Portability Fuels iCode’s REACH Program

The iCode REACH program is a groundbreaking initiative designed to bridge the educational gap in areas where traditional brick-and-mortar iCode campuses aren’t feasible, such as rural or less densely populated regions. This innovative program empowers entrepreneurs in these areas to fulfill their dreams of enriching young minds by bringing the transformative iCode curriculum directly to students. Utilizing a mobile van unit equipped with all the essential equipment and resources, the REACH program transforms any school, church, or community campus into a vibrant hub of learning. By expanding access to the iCode experience, we not only empower local entrepreneurs but also ensure that more students have the opportunity to engage with vital STEM education, unlocking their potential and shaping a brighter future for themselves and their communities.