Multiple ‘Hubs’ (Classrooms)

Unlike most after-school franchise education programs which have one large room for all ages and small round tables and chairs, iCode campuses have 4 classrooms or ‘hubs’ with adult-size tables and chairs. This does two things. First the children feel empowered as they are being treated as adults and not kids. Second, they have an opportunity to collaborate and work in a team environment with students of their own age and interests. 

Franchise Growth

By having children work in a team environment, they become friends with their classmates. This creates stickiness because if one of the children continues to the next level, his/her friends will want to join as well. Our after school franchise curriculum is also structured in progressive levels so when the student completes one course, it’s a natural transition into the next. This is why we focus on the lifetime franchise growth value of our customers.

Multiple Franchise Growth Programs Simultaneously

By having multiple hubs, we can offer different franchise growth programs and accommodate children of different ages and interests instead of a ‘one-size-fits-all’ model. For instance, we can offer 4 different summer camps simultaneously. In most cases, our summer revenues alone equal or exceed the entire after school franchise YTD revenue of our competitors. 

Off-Site Partnerships

Having our own proprietary after school franchise curriculum allows us the flexibility to teach our curriculum at ISDs and through other partnerships like the Girls Scouts, thereby increasing your opportunity for additional franchise growth revenues without location and size constraints. Many of our brand-new franchisees have been able to start generating revenue off-site before their iCode campus is finished being built.


Our after school franchise campuses are designed to welcome and excite children. From glass walls they can write on, to the bold colors and lighting, the look and feel of our centers are unlike any other after-school education program in the nation. 

Future Franchise Growth Opportunities

Our campuses were designed with our full, future vision in mind. This vision will create new revenue streams by opening franchise growth doors to new markets that will utilize iCode campuses during the daytime. Attend one of our Discovery Day presentations to learn more!