Why You Should Consider Starting a Coding Education Franchise?

Coding Education Franchise

Coding franchise opportunities have been booming in the education industry. Parents are beginning to recognize the importance of STEM educations and putting the pressure on schools to implement these types of programs or looking to outside sources to fill in the gaps.

Within the last several years, successful franchises, such as iCode School, have emerged offering coding and STEM education classes. 

And although starting a business on your own comes with a lot of risk, franchising relies on a tested business model, eliminating much of that initial risk. 

So what makes a coding franchise a wise investment? What are some significant benefits of this business opportunity? Let’s get into the details and find out.

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Coding Franchise Opportunities

While there are dozens of reasons why this is the best time to invest in a coding franchise, let’s discuss five of the top reasons why it makes sense.

1. No Impact of Recession

In times of recession, education remains one of the most robust businesses. You can be confident that if you invest in coding franchises, your business will continue to develop regardless of economic cycles.

Education has historically been a stable industry because it’s the foundation upon which our society is built, and STEM education has never been more critical than it is now. 

2. Start With No Experience

While it’s true that many people earn qualifications and have experiences that help them with their coding franchise opportunities prior to deciding to start one, you can still be effective without having either.

You don’t have to learn any specific skills or expertise to start a coding franchise for kids. You can hire the right team members with the right skills to support your business.

3. Start with low investment

As you know, launching a new venture can be expensive. However, you can get started with coding franchise opportunities at a reasonably affordable cost. 

It’s a good idea to have a business that is not capital-intensive to start out, that is also easy to scale up. With iCode School, you can start with just a few instructors and gradually increase the number of employees as your business grows. 

With the iCode Franchise, you can get into coding franchise opportunities for as low as $149,000. 

4. Immense Growth

Coding franchise opportunities offer incredible growth potential. Did you know with iCode, you can start generating significant revenue before your location even opens? 

The demand for this type of franchise is steadily increasing among parents and schools. Schools are more than willing to partner with STEM franchises to provide after-school programming for their students on their campus. These after-school clubs are a great feeder program for the iCode campuses as it builds awareness. 

In addition, coding and STEM education are ever-evolving subjects which means that there will always be new and exciting courses to offer.

5. Build the Future

With coding franchise opportunities, you are not only building a business that will generate profits, but you are also laying a solid educational foundation for the next generation. The United States needs educational programs that foster future talent and keep our students competitive in the global workplace of tomorrow.

The US education system is struggling to keep up with the rapid pace of technology growth. The expensive hardware and rapidly evolving curriculum is insurmountable for many schools.

Through coding franchise opportunities, you’re not only building your own business, but you’re also helping to enrich the minds of the people who will create the technological breakthroughs of tomorrow.

Pursue Coding Franchise Opportunities with iCode School

Inspire the next generation by pursuing coding franchise opportunities with iCode School. Learn more by talking to one of our representatives and joining our Discovery Presentation.

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