You’re finally going to do it. You’re going to open up that kids franchise you’ve been dreaming of. But which one do you choose? If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve lined up five great kids franchises for 2023 to help you narrow it down.

The franchises in this list are kid-friendly options covering different industries to show you the variety of verticals available.

Whether you want to teach, play instruments, or help kids burn off energy through physical activities, we’ve got several excellent options for you.

1. School of Rock

School of Rock

First up on our list of great kids franchises for 2023 is School of Rock.

School of Rock teaches music.

From complete beginners to more experienced musicians, School of Rock helps kids grow in their art, knowledge, and performance skills across a range of musical instruments.

This kid-friendly music franchise claims it is the “top education music franchise in the world.” 

They also state that they are the largest music school in the United States, and that they’re located in 15 countries worldwide.

In 2022, School of Rock was named in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 list for Fastest Growing Franchises.

So what’s the investment?

According to their website, to open a School of Rock franchise, you’re looking at somewhere between $400k to $550k.

It’s one of the more expensive opportunities, but it’s also widely applicable, and appears highly profitable. Plus, you get to teach and play music with kids!

2. iCode School

iCode School

What if you’re not interested in stage performance? No worries, iCode has your back with an amazing STEM-friendly franchise for kids.

iCode makes our list of great kids franchises for 2023 for a number of reasons, not the least of which is its emphasis on future-focused skills like robotics and computer programming.

At iCode, kids learn technical skills in instructor-led classrooms where they are guided through immersive assignments that spark creativity, interest, and amazement.

The best part is, you don’t need to know anything about programming (or even about running a school) to be successful.

iCode comes with everything you need, including ongoing training and support, to get you up and running fast.

To startup an iCode school, you’re looking at $198k to about $360k which makes it a great middle-of-the-road investment option.

Whether you’re a first-time business owner or you’ve been an entrepreneur for years, check out iCode because it might be your next big win.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of an iCode franchise.

3. Rockin’ Jump

Rockin’ Jump

What if you’re not into music or computers? Maybe you’re more of a high-energy, bounce around kind of person. In that case, check out Rockin’ Jump!

Rockin’ Jump is a 10,000 sq ft indoor trampoline park where kids (or the whole family) can spend the day bouncing on trampolines, playing dodgeball or basketball, and diving into a huge foam pit.

The franchise is designed to be adult-friendly with free Wi-Fi, free television, lounge areas, coffee areas, and observation platforms where parents can keep an eye on their kids.

Rockin’ Jump is just plain fun, and that’s why they’ve done exceptionally well over the years.

That said, the startup costs are a bit higher than some of the other options on our list of great kids franchises for 2023.

To get a Rockin’ Jump franchise going, you’ll invest roughly $700k to $1.3M, but if you’ve got the net worth and liquid capital, this is an excellent choice.

4. Mathnasium


Okay, math isn’t everybody’s favorite subject, but it CAN be fun.

Mathnasium makes our list of great kids franchises for 2023 because of their mission to help kids fall in love with math.

Mathnasium has more than 1,000 franchise locations around the world.

They’ve also won several awards, including Entrepreneur Franchise 500’s Top Low-Cost Franchise in 2021, and Fastest Growing Franchise 2021.

If you love math, then this is definitely an option for you.

Even if you just enjoy working with kids, this could be a great first franchise to own since you’ll work toward a profitable business model while making a difference in the lives of others.

The cost to startup a Mathnasium location ranges from about $110k to $150k which makes it more affordable than some of the other options.

That said, if math isn’t your thing, consider something a bit more fun. Something like…

5. We Rock the Spectrum

We Rock the Spectrum

The final franchise on our list of great kids franchises for 2023 is We Rock the Spectrum.

We Rock the Spectrum promotes itself as a “sensory gym” that stimulates the seven senses through physical, emotional, and social development.

Inside the gym, kids jump, climb, and explore a world of colorful obstacles designed to keep them both entertained, and engaged.

They have crash pits, trampolines, slides, swings and more.

This franchise opportunity is best for those who like to get a bit more active (and who don’t mind a lot of yelling from excited kids all day every day).

Parents love We Rock the Spectrum because of the safe, family-friendly environment.

So what does it take to own a We Rock the Spectrum franchise?

The initial startup fee is $57,500 which includes 12 pieces of sensory equipment.

To get your location up and running, the website suggests new owners prepare to invest $128k to $203k which is pretty standard for our list.

Which of These Great Kids Franchises for 2023 is Right for You?

Ultimately, it’s your decision. The best opportunities are those that will stand the test of time and grow in demand.

Think about what you want from a franchise. What area are you passionate about? What kind of products and services do you want to sell?

If you want to help prepare children for a brighter tomorrow through powerful STEM skills that set them up for top careers, then an iCode franchise is probably a great choice.

If you would prefer to give parents a place to bring their children to burn off some energy and have fun, a trampoline franchise would be a good fit.

Franchising is a long-term commitment so ensuring it’s in an area that you enjoy, makes the work feel worth it!