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What Kids and Parents Love About the iCode Franchise and why it is considered the best childrens franchise?

The iCode franchise is a favorite amongst parents and kids alike making it one of the best children’s franchise opportunities. Our approach to STEM education blends hands-on activity with engaging instruction to create comprehensive programs that keep kids excited to come to class. As a franchise owner, you’ll offer students in your community the opportunity to learn valuable academic and life skills while having a blast.

Parents and students have options when it comes to education and STEM franchises. The core differentiators built into our business continuously win over our customers and help us maintain an industry-leading customer satisfaction rate.
Learn why customers continue to choose us and how our unique selling propositions will set your iCode franchise apart.

Our programs are as unique as our students and that is the reason it is considered as best childrens franchise.

We understand that students come to iCode with a variety of interests in tech, STEM, and the like. Whether they want to learn how to code a functioning robot or program video games, your iCode franchise will offer a program for every student. iCode’s programs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including belts, paths, camps, and even remote options.

In our belt programs, students will move through a series of classes starting with foundational learning. Each series will build upon the prior as students broaden their depth of understanding and improve their coding skills. This is the perfect option for dedicated students who are eager to learn about computer science and are even considering a tech career.

Paths offer students an in-depth focus on specific subjects, such as game development or YouTube. These programs are ideal for students who wish to explore a particular interest and master their chosen path.

During the summer, kids can keep their minds engaged and their hands busy with fun, immersive camps! These camps welcome kids to spend five full days with our awesome instructors to work on exciting projects they get to show off at the end of the week.

We know that some parents are pressed for time and transportation, but still want to give their kids a chance to participate in extracurriculars. For these students, you’ll offer a remote learning option. These programs are flexible and self-paced, but still feature the same high-quality education unique to all iCode classes.

Our curriculum focuses on soft skill development, not unlike every Children’s Franchise.

A primary difference between us and other STEM children’s franchises is iCode’s focus on soft skill development. As one of the best children’s franchises, our priority is to build a proprietary curriculam to develop a well-rounded approach to STEM education. Our programs are designed to help students sharpen fundamental soft skills, such as collaboration, problem-solving, and public speaking. We encourage our students to be resourceful and creative, which in turn helps them build their overall self-confidence.

Many parents choose the iCode franchise because they know that we help their kids do more than learn to code. iCode creates a collaborative environment where kids can socialize with peers who share their interests. As an iCode franchise owner, you’ll be instrumental in creating a welcoming space where kids can be themselves.

Our classrooms are high-tech not unlike every Children’s Franchise.

Your iCode franchise will look more like a cool tech start-up than it will a STEM children’s franchise. In the lobby, pixelated colors and bright accents will welcome customers to your facility. Each classroom is surrounded by frosted glass walls and filled with Apple computers with superior capabilities. Students will also have access to the latest technology, like 3D printers, elite gaming computers, and programmable drone kits.

We think students need access to the best technology to do their best work, so we make sure to source high-quality products and connect you with preferred vendors.

What makes iCode one of the best children’s franchise opportunities

The same things that make the iCode franchise stand out in the crowd of children’s franchises will also help you earn customers in your market. When you begin to market locally, it’s important to frame the qualities that make iCode an excellent computer science school and how we do things differently from our competitors. When you franchise with us, we’ll also help you with this task by providing you with local marketing support.

Have questions about owning an iCode franchise? Reach out to our team by filling out the form on our homepage. We’re here to walk you through everything our STEM franchise has to offer.