Education Franchise Trends In 2022

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Over the past two years, things have changed quite a bit in the education franchise industry. In this world of embracing the new normal, everyone is trying to adapt as best they can and that includes making sure children get the academic support they need. Education franchises have always played an important role in meeting a highly sought after demand but now, more than ever, franchises like iCode are being asked to step up to the plate. Fully prepared to hit it out of the park, here are a few of the 2022 education franchise trends iCode has been sure to keep in mind. 

Virtual Learning is Still in the Picture

Although the vast majority of schools have resumed in-person learning, there are still many parents who have opted to stick with the virtual learning format. There are also instances where schools are having to teach classes online due to ensure the safety of students and faculty. Amidst the continued safety precautions and social distancing exists a space for a tech franchise like iCode to provide supplemental skill sets to the current school curriculum—and bonus points for being able to provide a virtual learning option. 

Utilizing an education franchise that builds upon the basics while enhancing collaboration, time management, and problem-solving abilities is a crucial step in providing children with the tools they need to succeed. Our innate desire to put things into patterns and sequences has proven beneficial, allowing us to have the foresight to continue refining our virtual courses. So, as we’ve come to realize we have not yet officially said goodbye to virtual learning, many have chosen to say hello to the help of a highly respected tech franchise like iCode.

Creating the Right Company Culture

Flexibility. Compassion. Well-being. These are three concepts that climbed their way to the top of the priority list during the pandemic and have maintained their value in 2022. In order for an education franchise to reach its full potential, it must have the right people representing the business. From day one, iCode has taken great pride in creating a culture that respects and supports its staff in every way possible. Franchisees are the foundation upon which a brand’s success stands.

As a tech franchise, we are extremely detail-oriented, which means we don’t overlook the little things that make a big difference to our franchise owners. iCode is an advocate for work/life balance, optimism, camaraderie, and fulfillment. Beyond the numbers and symbols, we work diligently to crack the code of how to best nurture our franchisees, team members, parents, students, and everyone who interacts with our education franchise.

Full Speed Ahead with Automation

As a reputable education franchise, iCode is known for teaching more than coding. In fact, time management is one of the many skills students can expect to obtain when signing up for our classes and camps. And speaking of time, it should always be used wisely. This is why automation will continue to be a powerful tool for education franchises in the coming year. 

Technology has paved the way for software that makes it possible to automate many tedious tasks. This includes scheduling, tracking attendance, grading, creating course templates and implementing training modules. The hours that it would normally take to complete that long list of to-dos will now shift, allowing education franchise instructors to refocus on what matters most: engaging with their students.

Embrace the Growing Coding Culture

If you’re looking to make a positive impact on future generations while having the opportunity to own a profitable business, iCode could be the solution to your entrepreneurial aspirations. Take a minute to learn more about this education franchise that’s at the forefront of the tech industry.

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