Woman talking with coding franchise representative

How The iCode Franchise Provides You with Support

 When looking to enter the world of business ownership, going the franchise route comes with its fair share of perks. When you decide to become an iCode franchise owner, you can expect to benefit from our brand recognition, established…
our education trends in 2022 heeelping out students to excel

Education Franchise Trends In 2022

Over the past two years, things have changed quite a bit in the education franchise industry. In this world of embracing the new normal, everyone is trying to adapt as best they can and that includes making sure children get the academic support…
learn to code

Top 5 Reasons Why Every Kid Should Learn to Code

It is the best time to learn to code. Coding, also known as computer programming, describes how people communicate with computers. Coding languages allow us to tell our computers what to do and what actions to take. It’s how we develop websites,…