Get to Know iCode’s Proprietary Curriculum

iCode’s Proprietary Curriculum

At iCode, we’ve identified best practices for teaching kids how to code in a way that impacts their education in the long term,this is what our franchise business does too. Instead of simply focusing on today’s most popular coding languages, we’ve created proprietary curricula that encompass fundamental soft skills in addition to coding. Our well-rounded programs help kids foster their interest in STEM subjects while having a blast.

As an iCode franchisee, you’ll benefit from the uniqueness of our offerings in the marketplace. Read on to learn how iCode’s curriculum differentiates your education franchise from the competition.

In-House Program Development

Unlike most other coding franchise business, we don’t outsource program development. STEM subjects and coding are constantly evolving. The more we learn about computer science, the better we’re able to communicate with our machines. By developing our curricula in house, we have complete control over our programs. If we learn of new discoveries or best practices for children’s education, we can quickly implement those findings into our lesson plans.

When education franchises outsource their programs, they rely on their vendor to make these changes for them. Instead of playing the waiting game, your iCode school franchise will have access to the most up-to-date information at all times.

Our Team is on Your Team

iCode’s curriculum is developed by a dedicated team challenged with creating immersive, relevant coding lessons that keep kids engaged. This team works to find creative ways to combine STEM education teaching techniques with engaging activities that bridge the gap between studying and playtime. You can do this too with our franchise business.

By having this full-time team on staff, we’re able to quickly adapt to changes in STEM education and implement updates into our curricula. This way, your education franchise always stays a step ahead.

Help Kids Learn Lasting Lessons with our franchise business

At iCode, we don’t just teach kids how to code. We focus on lessons that truly enrich our students’ lives by incorporating soft skills development that can be used in any career path, such as communication and problem-solving. We believe that teaching kids how to think critically is an essential part of STEM education and focus on each student’s personal development.

Instead of tests or grades, you’ll gauge each student’s progress based on the results of their projects. No student at iCode can fail, they simply have to find new solutions to challenges with the help of supportive instructors and their peers.

Each class is composed of two parts: lecture and hands-on activity. In this way, your iCode franchise will stand out from other coding schools by ensuring kids take an active part in the lessons.

Invest in a Leading Education Franchise

iCode does things differently, and it’s exactly why families in your community will choose your business over other coding schools. To learn more about the benefits of franchising with iCode, reach out to our development team.

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