What Puts iCode Ahead of the Competition

What Puts iCode Ahead of the Competition

When it comes to coding franchises, iCode stands out from the competition and comes under best franchises for sale list. We’ve created a proprietary curriculum, designed exceptional facilities and developed beneficial partnerships which help our students reach their full potential and our franchisees achieve their dreams.

To help show you how iCode franchises rise above the competition, let’s look at some of our key features we use to help our students and our franchisees excel.

One-of-a-Kind Curriculum

STEM education shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all. Our curriculum is designed in house by our technology education experts to be adaptable to advances in technology and to help students understand technology in the ways that work best for them. While other coding franchises may use out-of-the-box curricula, we’ve gone the extra mile to design programs which achieve superior results for our students.

High-Tech Facilities

Our locations are specifically designed to engage kids in STEM learning. Instead of feeling like just another classroom at school, we make learning technology fun and interactive through bright colors, exciting equipment and the opportunity to work together on projects.

With top-of-the-line technology like Apple computers, iCode franchise locations stand out from the competition by creating welcoming environments where kids are actually excited to learn. That makes owning an iCode franchise even more rewarding.

Effective Methodologies

All coding franchises teach the basics of coding, but we take things a step further by working to enrich the lives of our students through technology and soft skills education. This complete education is a big part of our core values. By focusing on more than just STEM and including concepts like problem solving and communications—which are highly valued in future careers—we’re able to provide a deeper, more comprehensive education experience that stands out from others in the industry.

Your iCode franchise will help students learn how to code and how to think critically, giving them a leg up no matter where their education and career paths take them. It’s another way iCode is ahead of the curve when it comes to coding franchises and another way your iCode franchise will help students excel.

Multiple Revenue Streams

With an iCode franchise, you’ll offer multiple learning options for your students, meaning multiple opportunities for your coding franchises for sale to bring in revenue. From in-person classes to virtual learning and summer camps, every student has the opportunity to improve their STEM knowledge and skills with iCode. 

There are multiple franchises for sale and here’s why we are the best

Our programs include:

  • Belts—our computer science program which rewards students for ongoing progress
  • Pathways—an ongoing series of modules crossing multiple subjects
  • Summer Camps—immersive experiences for in-depth computer science learning
  • iCode Anytime—self-paced program that lets students work at their own speed

Partnering with Schools

Not only to we offer exceptional opportunities for students to learn STEM subjects outside of school, we also partner with schools and universities, making it easier for your coding franchise to find students and even recruit instructors. These positive relationships with learning institutions help iCode stand out from other coding franchises thanks to our valued reputation within the industry. Schools recognize the importance and potential of an iCode franchise to help their students excel in STEM and they’re eager to work with us.

Start Standing Out with Your Own iCode Franchise

Owning your own iCode franchise can be the first step to helping students in your area master the skills they’ll need for the future and building the rewarding business you’ve always wanted. When you’re ready to get started for yourself, get in touch with us. We’re here to help you excel with iCode and to get the best out of it as we provide multiple franchise opportunities.

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