Tech Education Industry

Tech education franchise is an important industry, and it’s significantly driven by tech franchises like iCode. Our franchisees contribute to the overall education industry by helping students succeed in their own STEM education. To give you a better understanding of the industry in which your iCode education franchise will operate, let’s look at some trends we’ve observed in the tech education field.

Tech Education is Growing Fast and so is Tech Education Franchise

Kids are increasingly interested in STEM subjects, and their parents are seeing the value of investing in their children’s technical education. That means more opportunities exists for tech franchises to help students succeed. We’ve experienced that growth firsthand, and our education franchises have benefited from the rising demand.

We’re uniquely positioned to take full advantage of the increased attention paid to STEM programs. Our proprietary curriculum makes us more adaptable to industry trends and our relationships with schools and universities put us on the cutting edge of advances in tech education. When you own a tech franchise with iCode, you’ll join a booming industry and be well-prepared to make the most of its ongoing growth.

Education Overall is Becoming More Digital

Students today are more likely to type on a computer than fill out a paper worksheet. The education industry has gone digital and it’s not turning back. That creates a wealth of opportunities for tech franchises like iCode.

Education’s evolution to a digital environment means an increasing number of students will need tech education franchise to stay on top of their studies. Your iCode franchise can help students excel in the worlds of coding, technology, and STEM, and help everyone appreciate the value of technical education.

Virtual Learning is Here to Stay

Over the most recent school year, we saw a significant shift in the way we all think about education. Many students transitioned to online schooling, and the trend will likely continue for some time. This makes technical education even more crucial moving forward.

Tech education franchises like iCode will play an important role in helping students transition to a more remote world, giving them technical education and experience they might not get otherwise. With an iCode education franchise, you’ll offer in-person and virtual classes, giving students every opportunity to expand their tech skills in whatever way works best for them.

Coding Plays a Key Role in the Industry

As technology becomes increasingly integrated with education, coding will play a crucial role in the creation of new education technology and the ability of students to succeed. Through our variety of programs, including classes, summer camps and self-paced learning, iCode is helping students understand the value of tech education franchise

and see the potential in themselves. The students of today will become the innovators of tomorrow all thanks to our dedicated tech franchise owners.

Through consistent improvement in technology, increasing interest in virtual education across the industry and greater understanding among students and parents of the value of tech education, the tech education franchise industry is primed for even more growth in the coming years. There’s never been a better time to join this exciting industry and start making a difference in the lives of students.

To get started, contact us. We’re here to help you take advantage of the growing demand for technology education and become a leader for students throughout your community.