Education is one of the USA’s most important and rapidly growing sectors, offering many business opportunities. In particular, starting children’s franchise opportunities in the USA has many advantages.

Six Reasons Why You Should Invest in Children’s Franchise Opportunities Now!

While there are many reasons why you should look into children’s franchise opportunities now, we have listed six significant advantages for you to consider.

1. Own a Business Invested in the Future

Interdisciplinary learning, which includes science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, is becoming increasingly popular among parents.

Today’s parents want their children to learn technical skills to compete in the tech-driven market. They are enrolling students in STEM boot camps covering topics like machine learning, artificial intelligence, drones, web development, and many more.

With more students joining these boot camps, the network effect will take place, which will pull even more students into the ecosystem. This makes children’s franchise opportunities a great investment.

2. A Franchise You Can Trust

With so many options out there, investing in the right one becomes important. iCode School’s programs have been featured on Fox, NBC, Entrepreneur, Boston Parents, Dallas Business Journal, and many more. They’ve also built partnerships with major organizations like the NBA Thunder and Texas Instruments.

iCode is known as the leader in onsite children’s computer programming education. Franchising with a strong brand like iCode will help you to gain people’s trust in the early days which will help you to attract customers.

Even if you have never operated a business before, investing in this children’s franchise opportunity can be a manageable task with the support and collaboration you’ll receive from the franchisor and existing franchisees.

3. Get a Headstart

A headstart is what many entrepreneurs look for. It’s one of the most compelling reasons why many people would rather buy a franchise than start their own company.

Starting something from scratch involves ideation, market research, promotion, product development, sales, and much more. Building out the initial plan and acquiring your first customer is one of the hardest things to do. Investing in iCode children’s franchise opportunity saves you the headache.

Joining a trusted franchise is like having a formula that’s already been tried and tested. Even if you have no experience running a business before, you’ll pick up and learn everything you need to know.

4. Inspire the Next Generation

Many people wish to start a business that not only creates profits but also impacts society positively.

Opening children’s franchise opportunities lets you empower the next generation with vital skills. They are the building block of our nation and the ones who will develop the next technological breakthroughs.

You’re building a business not only with significant profits but also with incredible values. Imagine being surrounded by kids who love technology and building great things. Being in such an environment would be a rewarding experience!

5. An Affordable Option

Business investments can be costly, and many people search for affordable options. Children’s franchise opportunities like iCode School are a great option with a $149,000 to $308,000 initial investment, which is comparatively affordable and also produces excellent returns. With such a great market and growth value, investing in children’s franchise opportunities just makes sense.

There are multiple franchise options to choose from:

  • Single Unit Agreement: If you’re tight on budget and looking for a business opportunity, you can open a single franchise.
  • Multiple Unit Development Agreement: If you’re looking for more extensive business opportunities and have the resources to invest more, you can open multiple locations.

6. A Great Business Model

iCode children’s franchise opportunity offers a great business model. With a proprietary curriculum that helps students make the connection between their work and the outcome through hands-on experiences and engaging teaching approaches, your coding school will stand out against the competition.

Multiple classes of various levels can be held in four rooms simultaneously. Each room gets equipped with cutting-edge technology and the computing capability that kids require to succeed.

Partnerships with local schools and local colleges can help you find students and instructors for your campus. These organizations understand the importance of the iCode model and make it easy for you to network.

Get Started With iCode

iCode is a pioneer in onsite computer programming education. CNBC, CBS, Fox, Patch, The Dallas Morning News, and many others have featured iCode franchise’s programs. They’ve also built partnerships with major organizations like the NBA Thunder and Texas Instruments.

Start your journey by joining a ‘Discovery Day’ Zoom meeting with iCode leadership to find out if this opportunity is right for you!

So, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to get your iCode franchise!