People understand that a good education will help their children succeed. However, not every child enjoys learning; some are bored with the pace of school, and others want to participate in extracurricular activities or study topics that their school might not offer like computer programming or robotics.

Franchises that assist youngsters in achieving academic success are in high demand. Many students have been joining the programs like iCode to get hands-on experience in STEM or Tech.

Furthermore, education franchise opportunities are very recession-proof. Parents often prioritize providing their kids with as many opportunities to thrive as possible, even when money is tight.

Why You Should Bid on Educational Franchise Opportunities

We already know that education franchise opportunities are constantly growing. Now let’s take a look at four reasons to bid on franchise education opportunities.

1. A Tried-and-Tested Model

A franchise business model is a tried-and-tested model. For a successful business, all you should have to do is follow the directions, put in some effort, and keep an eye on the quality of your operations.

Unlike starting a new business from scratch where you have to build everything from the ground up, franchises provide the guidance you need to make the right decisions.

2. Leverage Franchise’s Brand Name

Market research and building brand awareness are huge undertakings when starting any new business. However, when opening a franchise, you get to take advantage of an existing brand that inspires trust in customers.

The franchisee simply adheres to the company’s marketing standards and guidelines. There is far less work involved in marketing your business as the franchisor will likely produce the materials for you.

3. Education Is Never Out of Demand

Education is the pillar of a society’s development. Parents understand that providing their kids with a good education is one of the best things that they can do. And with technology becoming mainstream in the workplace, all children will eventually need to learn technical skills.

Therefore, more and more parents are looking towards an education franchise to give their kids the best possible education.

4. Build the Future

By opening an education franchise, you’re not only creating a profitable business, but you’re also creating the educational foundation for the next generation of entrepreneurs who will make significant technological advancements! You’ll be benefiting the country by developing future talent and keeping our students globally competitive.

Why Choose iCode School for Your Education Franchise Opportunities?

A Franchise You Can Trust

When you are looking at education franchise opportunities, you should ask a franchisor to speak with some of their existing franchisees for an inside look. Is it a good relationship? What can you expect from a support aspect?

iCode Franchise has a great support structure in place and maintains constant and open communication with franchisees.

Fewer Entry Barriers

iCode strives to make it as smooth as possible to open an education franchise.

To start, all you need is an interest in computer science and technology. It’s also beneficial to have some experience in business to manage the various responsibilities that come with operating a business.

iCode’s training, real estate, construction, and marketing team will help you get up and running from there!

Get Started With An Affordable Investment

While business investments can be extremely high, owning an iCode franchise is relatively affordable.

The initial investment to open an iCode School is only $149,000 to $308,000.

Franchise Ownership Options

iCode offers a variety of ownership options to suit your needs including single location or multi-unit agreements. You can also opt to start with a single location and later expand.

Get Your Kids’ Coding Education Franchise Today!

Education franchise opportunities offer numerous benefits, both financial and for your community. Connect with iCode to learn more about opening your own kids’ coding franchise!