Education Franchises

Growth of the education franchise industry can attribute its expansion to changes in academics and labor demands. Find out why education franchises are positioned for continued growth and what factors have the largest impact.

1. Students Are Playing Catch Up from Remote Learning

As students and their families continue to struggle from the effects of the 2020 pandemic, education franchises are more valuable than ever before. Many students are still doing schoolwork from home in 2021 to protect themselves and the most vulnerable in their households. This disconnection from traditional learning structures has caused many students to fall behind in their classes.

To help mitigate this loss, many parents are turning to an education franchise to fill in the gap created by distance learning. While some kids may need help in specific subjects, others are engaging with coding franchises, like iCode, to learn useful skills they’re missing out on.

iCode’s focus on soft skill development helps our students improve their overall academic performance. For example, iCode classes require kids to engage in active problem solving while collaborating with one another. Between online quizzes and video-call lectures, students have been sorely missing these types of stimulating interactions. iCode gives them the opportunity to sharpen these skills in a fun and engaging setting.

2. Public Education Has a Blind Spot

Many public schools lack the resources to offer students adequate assistance outside the classroom or varied extracurriculars. Parents today realize they need to seek other programs to help their kids perform better in school or explore their interests.

While most schools will offer sports, music, and theatre programs, they may not provide kids who have an interest in tech with an avenue to pursue their passions. Coding franchises are a great way to help students channel their interest in video games, computers, and the like into something productive.

Despite the world’s push towards an increasing digital society, most schools don’t teach students the value of coding. Whether kids realize it or not, coding is a part of their daily lives. Their favorite programs and devices, from YouTube to Nintendo, were coded by someone. And we think that’s pretty cool! Many kids don’t realize they can become the person who makes those things. Education franchises, like iCode, help kids realize they have limitless potential.

3. College Admissions Are More Competitive Than Ever

Many high school students are looking for ways to make their college applications standout from their peers. While excellent SAT scores are a must, additional extracurriculars also go a long way.

Specialized education franchises, like coding schools, give students a way to exercise their minds while gaining valuable experience for their college resumes. For kids who are going into tech, science, or mathematics, coding schools can also give them a competitive edge.

It’s not just kids who are exploring a degree in tech that can benefit from attending a coding franchise. Like sports, iCode helps teach kids about teamwork and collaboration—skills colleges look for in incoming students.

4. Coding Schools Can Set Students Up for a Brighter Future

The tech industry is booming, and coding franchises can help students prepare for a lucrative career in the industry. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for computer and information research scientists is supposed to grow at a much faster pace than other occupations at 15% over the next decade. This trend has many kids with an interest in tech exploring careers in computer science.

Coding franchises offer students a way to build up their skillset and get a taste for computer science. iCode also tends to hire college students currently earning a degree in programming or a similar field. This gives these future computer scientists the opportunity to build up their resumes while earning income.

Build Your Business in a Growing Industry

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