Soft Skills in Childhood Education

At iCode, a tech education franchise, we offer STEM classes that help foster students’ interest in tech and teach them valuable academic skills. While coding, computer science, engineering and math may be the stars of our curricula, we believe in the importance of soft skills in childhood education development as well. That’s why we integrate soft skills into every class and program at our tech education franchise.

iCode’s dynamic curricula and experiential classes will help set your tech education franchise  apart from other coding schools in your area. We don’t just teach kids HTML and Python, we help students develop critical thinking skills, self-confidence and much more. The best part? Your students will be having so much fun, they won’t even realize they’re learning.

Teach Kids How to Think, Not What to Think.. That’s what the Tech Education Franchise does!!

Coding isn’t all memorization and typing. Computer programming teaches kids how to problem solve and come up with logical but creative solutions. Our instructors are trained to provide guidance to students that focuses on the development of critical thinking. Rather than give students the answers, instructors help kids find the answers themselves.

A primary component to this skill is the concept of decomposition. In computer science, this is the process of breaking down a complex problem into more manageable parts. We help students analyze each piece of information and reconstruct each in inventive ways.

The importance of soft skills in our curriculum is not misplaced, it is necessary. Our teaching methods make sure that your children excel not only in technical aspects but in other collaborative environments as well.

Importance of Soft Skills in Childhood Education

Coding and computer science are in-demand, lucrative industries with a need for fresh talent. However, we know not every student who comes into iCode is destined to be a coder. We welcome the future teachers, artists, doctors and whatever else our students want to be just the same. 

iCode, backed by the opinions of experts, recognizes the importance of soft skills in childhood education. Skills like collaboration, public speaking, creativity and problem solving will play a great role in your child’s career. No matter which paths your students pursue, they’ll be more prepared with an iCode education.

Students Learn How to Collaborate

Sometimes, kids with an interest in computer science can feel isolated. There are fewer programs that enable tech-savvy children to gather with like minded individuals to work towards a common goal the way kids do in sports. iCode solves this problem by giving kids the space to socialize with other students in a fun, collaborative environment.

We often think of computer science as a solitary activity, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Your tech education franchise will prepare students for the real world of tech by helping them learn to collaborate with other students.

We often think of computer science as a solitary activity, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. At iCode, our importance of soft skills will prepare students for the real world of tech by helping them learn to collaborate with other students.

Foster Creativity and Self-Confidence

When you think of creativity, your mind might not automatically jump to App development or game design, but maybe it should. The goal of coding is to create something tangible, something meant to be seen and enjoyed, just like art. Our students have a vision for what they want to create then use their learned coding skills to turn the image in their head into a functioning widget, app or even robot.

Along with the confidence that students get by seeing the results of their labor, our focus on the importance of soft skills is also helpful for kids who may not have exceled in other extracurriculars as it offers them a chance to work in a highly collaborative environment. Your iCode franchise will help your students find their place in this world, one piece of code at a time.

Open Your Own Education Franchise

An iCode education franchise offers you a pathway to independence while providing valuable services to kids in your community. To learn how you can become a part of our mission to help kids build a bright future in tech, reach out to our team.