How You Can Help Kids Prepare for the School Year

It’s that time of year again! As parents begin to take their kids back to school shopping, many of them are thinking about other ways they can help prepare their children for the new franchise school year. The iCode education franchise is a great way for parents to kick start their kids’ STEM education and get them on the right track for the academic year and experience the best of the franchise school.

Bridge the Gap Created by Remote Learning and Educate in Franchise School

This year, an iCode education is even more valuable to students than ever before as they go back to school. Many students have suffered from side effects of remote learning, such as social isolation and falling behind in classes. As an iCode franchisee, you’ll have the opportunity to mitigate some of these issues by offering immersive STEM classes that help kids reengage their love of learning.

Unlike many other education franchises, our classes are composed of more than lectures and independent work. We help kids create connections between their work and the results with hands-on instruction. Not only will students learn foundational lessons in STEM, but they’ll also be able to reacquaint themselves with classroom etiquette.

Give Kids the Space to Socialize in Franchise school

Over the past year, we saw schools shut down, playgrounds roped off and sports teams postpone their seasons. Kids are craving interaction! While STEM learning isn’t traditionally seen as a group activity, the iCode education franchise school believes that collaboration is essential to the learning process.

Our classes encourage kids to work together with each other and their instructor to produce the best results. Kids who may have been playing video games alone in their room can instead work on developing video games with kids who love STEM as much as they do. This can help students break out of their shells and make friends while they learn valuable skills.

Help Students Learn Soft and Hard Skills

An essential part of iCode’s proprietary curricula is our focus on the development of soft skills like critical thinking, public speaking, leadership and more. This is what we do in the franchise school. While we’d love for all our students to go on to pursue a career in STEM, these foundational skills are applicable in any career path.

Additionally, students learn hard skills like specific coding languages and fundamental computer skills that will serve them in high school, college and beyond. As the demand for tech jobs continues to grow, our education system is leaning into STEM more and more. Your education franchise can answer this call with purposeful STEM classes that prepare kids for a bright future.

Lastly, Back to School Prep Demands Soaking Up the Last Bit of Summer

While summer is a great time to indulge in sports activities, camping and the like, you can also allot some time to get kids back into the groove of things with fun week-long summer camps. Or in another scenario, instead of letting your kids sit inside the house all day, you can send them to iCode where they can collaborate with their peers while working on exciting projects.

During the academic year, the majority of iCode classes are held after school. As an iCode franchisee, you can make the most out of summer by booking all day classes each week and ensuring that your kid’s back to school experience is seamless. Your students get to have fun and you’ll get to maximize this revenue stream. It’s a win-win.

Become an Education Franchise Owner

iCode franchisees are more than local business owners. They’re community leaders inspiring the next generation of great minds. Our forward-thinking education franchise is a welcome addition to communities who may not have access to STEM education centers like ours. To learn more about the benefits of owning an iCode franchise, get in touch with our team now.