iCode’s Programs

The iCode school offers paths, belts, and coding bootcamp franchise opportunities to our franchisees. We’ve developed various onsite and online programs that offer families the flexibility they need in an education franchise while providing our owners with more ways to earn and to buy cheap franchises. Franchisees can also create partnerships with local schools and education centers to market their business and generate sales. Let’s take a closer look at how iCode’s programs benefit your business and provides you with the potential to earn from a multitude of revenue streams.

Onsite Programs – Paths, Belts & Coding Bootcamp Franchise

Your education franchise will offer five different types of onsite programs: belts, paths, summer camps, holiday camps and boot camps. These programs range from weekly classes to immersive, short-term camps and everything in between. Students can choose the program that best fits their schedules, goals and abilities, giving you the opportunity to match kids with the courses right for them. There are cheap franchises as well.

Belts and paths are recurring classes that your students will attend on an ongoing basis. In the iCode belt program, students follow a similar system to karate classes, moving onto the next level each time they hit a benchmark. This progressive curriculum gives students a sense of accomplishment, pushing them to continue forward in their coding education. This revenue stream also provides long-term earning potential.

Paths are 9-month courses that require kids to come onsite for 2 hours a week. These courses are divided by kid-approved subject matter so students can choose the path that best matches their interests. Do they love video games? There’s a path for that. How about YouTube? There’s a path for that, too. This type of coursework is perfect for students who have a niche interest or want to dabble in coding.

While belts and paths are perfect for kids to supplement their education during the school year, iCode offers something when students are on break. Summers or holidays are ideal for a coding bootcamp franchise like us. Lining up with mom and dad’s 9-5 schedule, these all-day classes are a fun and engaging way to get kids involved in STEM.

During the active school year, you may have less business during the day. These camp classes give you the opportunity to maximize your earning potential during summer, spring and holiday breaks while maintaining your weekly belt and path classes in the evening.

Online Programs

Education franchises that were able to pivot to online classes during 2020 benefitted from their adaptability. Lucky for iCode franchisees, we already had online programs in place long before they became a necessity. Despite many centers fully reopening, some families still prefer the flexibility of online classes. Your online class options include paths, summer camps and holiday camps.

A huge benefit of having online classes is your ability to serve more students at a time than you would be able to on-site. Not only can you have in-person classes going on in every room, but you can also run online classes at the same time.


A huge part of being a local business owner is networking. We provide guidance to help iCode franchise owners develop beneficial partnerships with schools and other education institutions. These partnerships can help you market your business, find new students and better serve the families in your city.

Some of our franchisees enter paid partnerships that enable our instructors to teach classes at schools or other kids’ education centers. This opportunity provides you with an additional revenue stream and allows you to book more students at a time. You can also set up a coding Bootcamp franchise while practicing safety measures.

Own an Education Franchise

Investing in an iCode franchise isn’t just a smart business decision. We offer aspiring business owners multiple ways to make a difference in kids’ lives and help them develop skills that will serve them for years to come. To learn how you can start a rewarding business with iCode, get in touch with our team.