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Nobody can predict exactly what tomorrow’s workplace will look like. What we do know, however, is that teamwork, problem solving and hands-on learning are all essential components in preparing children for that future workplace. iCode immerses children in all of the above, emphasizing doing over rote learning of facts and empowering them to enjoy the journey. One of our biggest differentiators is our proprietary and in-depth curriculum, tailored to develop lasting STEAM skills and soft skills. In addition, our welcoming centers have four different hubs, or classrooms, where children can work within their age group and at their own pace. Such learning allows for collaboration that nurtures the spirit of discovery. Franchisees benefit from our expertise with the latest technology: all centers are fully equipped with Apple computers and devices, laptops, professional gaming PCs, 3D printers, drones, robotics and more, so students can use a variety of platforms to test drive their developing skills. Parents and children love iCode because our programs complement school education seamlessly and offer many different pathways to do so. Whether it’s a summer camp, an online course, comprehensive tiered learning or game-based fundamentals, children of all ages use coding as a pathway to STEAM education. iCode franchisees use our proprietary, in-depth curriculum and extensive technology-driven centers as the foundations on which to build a thriving business. Our multiple revenue streams and flexible formats for STEAM-based education help franchisees tailor the model according to each child’s needs. Our brand differentiators and personalized services help franchisees garner loyal clients from all K-12 grades. Our focus on teaching STEAM and soft skills through proprietary curriculum and fully-equipped centers attracts families who want to effectively prepare their children for today’s jobs — and tomorrow’s. Learn more about the iCode franchise opportunity.

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The iCode franchise development team is pleased to report that we have been ranked on Entrepreneur’s 2021 Franchise 500® list following a record-breaking number of applicants for this year. Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500® ranking is determined by brand strength, finances, costs, support and size. iCode is one of the newer franchises to be selected for the list, which includes brands that have been well-established for decades. We owe our success through difficult times to our incredible leadership team and franchisees, as well as our quick response and adaptation to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are thrilled that even after a year of challenges that rocked the world, our brand’s strength and growth potential earned us this prestigious recognition. “It’s such an honor to be placed on this list for the first time ever by Entrepreneur,” said iCode founder and CEO Abid Abedi. "We are excited to build upon our momentum from this past year and expand into new markets. This new year is about creating lasting partnerships, supporting existing one and filling the gaps for truly exceptional computer science education for children. We feel very optimistic looking into the future.” Thanks to the growing interest parents have in providing their children advanced education opportunities and a competitive edge for the future STEAM education…
iCode of Goodyear recently appeared on a TV segment with AZTV-TV “AZ Daily Mix” talking about how teens can help their grandparents with new technology! Click here to view the segment.
It’s well known that coding is a major component of computer science, a discipline that continues to be the foundation of many industries in the 21st century. But whether or not a child pursues a career in computer science, coding still helps develop the kind of skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork that is sought after in many disciplines. It’s why the market for coding-based education is exploding — parents also understand that steeping their children in STEAM-based learning that delivers these experiences will give their kids a leg up in tomorrow’s global, competitive marketplace. iCode builds on this booming market through key differentiators, such as our proprietary curriculum and fully-equipped, state-of-the-art centers. Equally important, we’ve applied the agility we teach to our own business model. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, iCode quickly moved to online learning models to ensure franchisees could continue to generate business. This resiliency paid off in many ways, especially considering that new franchisees were able to build revenue through these online courses as they awaited the construction of their physical locations. We also became a darling to working parents by offering a Remote Learning Support Program during school hours, helping…

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