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The value of a STEAM-based education with a focus on soft skills and basic programming knowhow has come into especially sharp focus in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. iCode, the national computer science education franchise has been successfully developing and teaching such an important and engaging curriculum ever since its inception in 2015.

Now, with 10 franchise locations open today and another 11 locations under development to open, we’re looking forward to even more accelerated growth over the next 12 months. We hope to launch 50-60 additional locations in this time period, bringing the ability to complement school science education in fun and exciting ways to more families around the country.

iCode’s growth strategy is especially impressive given the COVID-19 pandemic, which has not dented plans. Given that our brick-and-mortar locations had to close in a hurry in the wake of the lockdown, we quickly moved to an online learning model. Computer science education is already amenable to such an approach, and we encouraged our franchisees to pick up the technique that worked best for them. Founder and CEO Abid Abedi recently explained how iCode has been successfully navigating the pandemic while still enabling franchisees to grow a robust business in the Dallas Business Journal.

Further establishing iCode’s reputation as enhancing childhood development and learning, Andrea Murphy from the location in Goodyear, Arizona, shared strategies to fight what she labeled the “COVID slide” on her local television news station. While most kids struggle with the summer slide, losing valuable skills they learned during the school year over the summer months, this year has been particularly challenging because school has been out since March, Murphy explained. She added that parents can prevent kids from regressing by focusing on outdoor learning opportunities and by providing interactive environments such as programming machines like a mini Mars Rover.

iCode continues to garner media attention as families are increasingly looking for structured immersive opportunities for kids that are also fun. Our strategic plans and high-demand market make the franchise an attractive business proposition for ambitious entrepreneurs as well, especially as new markets open up across the country.

Explore the iCode difference and learn more about our education franchise opportunity. Visit icodefranchise.com to get started.

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