Your response time to leads is critical to whether someone decides to enroll in a camp or class with you. If you can catch someone while they’re still in ‘search mode’ and looking for answers to the problem they are trying to solve, you are more likely to reach them and make the conversion. However, if you wait hours to respond to a lead, they will likely find another solution in the meantime.

 For this reason, it’s a good idea for the director/franchisee to check the campus email VERY frequently (this includes before and after your ‘open’ hours). Utilizing the email function on your smartphone makes this quick and easy. If your campus receives a lot of emails daily, you can set up rules to filter your Gmail to make lead emails stand out. For instance, if lead emails all contain the words ‘a new submission from’ in the subject line, you can set a rule for Gmail to send these emails to a specific folder or ‘flag’ the emails.

Don’t let a slow response time be the reason you miss out on an enrollment! Put a plan in place to ensure a prompt response to each inquiry.