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Coding and tech education help develop strong skills in today’s youth, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Computer science has a bright future ahead, and investing in an iCode franchise helps you easily become a part of it.

Here are 5 reasons why now is the time to invest in iCode:

1. Attractive real estate

One of the biggest investments in franchising is actively signing a lease. In today’s commercial real estate market, from shopping centers to office buildings, landlords have taken a huge hit. With an increasing amount of available and attractive real estate, lease negotiations are more likely to work in your favor for a cheaper deal. Strike when the iron is hot!

2. Key timing for summer

In order to be successful, you must plan ahead. The typical time frame of opening an iCode location is six to eight months from signing. If you start looking now, many iCode deals that are signed in the fall will be on track to open by May and June, which is a peak time for iCode franchisees. Our summer camps are one of our biggest revenue builders, and considering the pent up demand from parents and kids who couldn’t enjoy their typical summer activities this year, many will be on the lookout for fun and educational programs like iCode come next summer.

3. Multiple revenue streams and class formats

iCode offers different tracks for children to learn: the Progressive Belt System delivers proprietary computer science curriculum in an after-school format; the Pace program allows students to benefit from a comprehensive computer science experience through game design, robotics and trending technologies – all at their own pace.

Our lucrative summer camp options and partnerships with local educational institutions add to the diversity of iCode’s options. Not to mention, iCode offers online classes, which enables franchisees to start generating revenue from day one. While our new franchisees wait for their physical locations to open, they can build up revenue and channel their focus on marketing and promoting online courses.

4. A growing market

While the exact nature of the jobs that today’s children will take in the future isn’t entirely known, we do know that soft skills, creativity and problem-solving will continue to be valuable assets in the workforce. That’s exactly what computer science education prepares kids for.

Parents are increasingly reaching this understanding and looking for quality science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) education that will complement their kids’ school learning. As an iCode franchisee, you stand to gain from this increased demand.

5. A chance to explore the entrepreneur in you

Passionate entrepreneurs who are tired of the same old 9-to-5 job will find much to love about iCode: a lucrative market, proprietary curriculum and established pathways for growth in the field. Equally important, franchisees don’t need to be computer science whizzes or technical experts themselves. iCode helps entrepreneurs shape a brighter future for themselves by delivering tried and tested processes, so you can build a thriving business. You’ll also feel good about empowering future innovators for generations to come.
Soft skills, collaboration and creativity will continue to be in high demand as today’s children prepare for tomorrow’s jobs. iCode understands that plug-and-play approaches to education have passed their prime. Computer science and STEAM education is catching on as the bridge between school rigor and tomorrow’s jobs – iCode franchisees lay a strong foundation for that connection, and in turn, develop thriving businesses.
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