It’s well known that coding is a major component of computer science, a discipline that continues to be the foundation of many industries in the 21st century. But whether or not a child pursues a career in computer science, coding still helps develop the kind of skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork that is sought after in many disciplines. It’s why the market for coding-based education is exploding — parents also understand that steeping their children in STEAM-based learning that delivers these experiences will give their kids a leg up in tomorrow’s global, competitive marketplace.
iCode builds on this booming market through key differentiators, such as our proprietary curriculum and fully-equipped, state-of-the-art centers. Equally important, we’ve applied the agility we teach to our own business model. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, iCode quickly moved to online learning models to ensure franchisees could continue to generate business. This resiliency paid off in many ways, especially considering that new franchisees were able to build revenue through these online courses as they awaited the construction of their physical locations.
We also became a darling to working parents by offering a Remote Learning Support Program during school hours, helping children troubleshoot problems and attend online classes successfully. Remote learning support has given franchisees yet another revenue stream to work with. During the year, iCode offers multiple revenue streams including summer camps, easily one of iCode’s biggest programs.
As we look ahead to 2021, the move to online learning complemented by on-site lessons, multiple models for computer science education, and multiple revenue streams place iCode at an enormous competitive advantage. What’s more, successful franchisees don’t need to be tech whizzes themselves to build thriving businesses. Our tried and true operations, processes and systems are in place to help guide owners every step of the way.
The future of work will be based on just the kind of soft skills that coding helps develop. iCode’s unique niche in an exploding market, combined with our impressive adaptability focused on consumer needs, promises to deliver an exciting 2021.
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