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It is the best time to learn to code. Coding, also known as computer programming, describes how people communicate with computers. Coding languages allow us to tell our computers what to do and what actions to take. It’s how we develop websites, apps, games, robots, self-driving cars and so much more. Know the best franchise to own.

As technology becomes more and more essential in our daily lives, the demand for coding skills continues to grow. Now, schools and tutoring programs are struggling to create curriculums that address this fundamental need and prepare kids for careers in computer science.

Kids coding franchises, however, have been on top of this trend for some time. When you start a coding franchise, you have the opportunity to help kids in your community learn advantageous skills and prepare for a career in STEM while having fun. Your coding franchise will offer parents a unique value proposition, setting your business apart from other after school programs.

To understand why there is a growing demand for coding schools, we first need to examine why families are seeking this type of program. Read on to learn the top five ways coding schools help kids thrive.

1. STEM education is more important than ever.

Technology is all around us. From the GPS installed in our cars to the apps on our smartphones, we rely on technology every day. Technology has even changed the way kids play, with toddlers surfing tablets and kids getting together for virtual video game parties.

As we continue to evolve in science and technology, STEM subjects are building steam in schools everywhere. However, many children still don’t have access to computer science courses. Coding franchises can help fill this gap in learning and encourage kids to explore careers in computing.

2. Computer science is an in-demand industry.

According to Code.org, 67% of new jobs in STEM are in computing, and the demand shows no sign of slowing. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment opportunities in computer and information research science will grow by 15% between 2019 and 2029. A career in computer science also offers financial incentives. The Education Commission of the States reports that STEM jobs offer median earnings of $38.85 per hour, a $19.55 per hour increase from other types of jobs in the U.S.

Parents seek out coding franchises to help their kids channel their interest in technology into a promising career in STEM. Not only are coding franchise owners helping kids prepare for exciting careers—they’re helping to inspire the great inventors, engineers, and thinkers of the next generation.

3. New languages are easier to learn as children.

Research suggests that children can learn a second language faster than adults. This is attributed to kids’ ability to learn at a rapid pace. Their brains are constantly creating new neural connections as they get to know the world around them. As we get older, our brains tend to reinforce our existing neural pathways, making it more difficult to quickly absorb new information.

Coding languages require students to learn and apply a new method of communication. Since kids’ brains are believed to have superior plasticity, this means that they may have an easier time learning to code at a young age.

4. Coding helps kids learn soft skills.

Learning to code can help children develop fundamental soft skills that will serve them in all areas of life, like problem solving, organization and communication. Coding requires students to think logically and linearly, breaking down problems into smaller, more manageable pieces.

At iCode, our proprietary curriculum breaks classes into two sections: lecture and hands-on experience. We encourage kids to work collaboratively to come up with creative solutions that enable them to see the results of their hard work. Our classes also help kids become comfortable with presenting their ideas and communicating with others, skills that will be useful in any career path.

5. Coding gives kids a sense of accomplishment.

In coding classes, students will be able to make a direct correlation between their work and their results. Students get excited when they’re able to create worlds in video games or make a robot move. This inspires kids to explore computer science further, pushing themselves to become more adept thinkers and proficient coders.

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