Education Franchise Trends In 2022

Over the past two years, things have changed quite a bit in the education franchise industry. In this world of embracing the new normal, everyone is trying to adapt as best they can and that includes making sure children get the academic support they need. Education franchises have always played an important role in meeting […]

How to Prepare Your Children’s Franchise for the New Year

Overview – Children’s Franchise As 2021 comes to a close, you likely have your eyes set on the new year. The new year comes with new opportunities for growth, new customers in the pipeline, and new goals to keep your team motivated. Know more about the Children’s franchise. Children’s franchise owners have experienced many challenges over […]

5 Qualities Successful franchise have in Common

Overview – Best Franchise Opportunities Every franchise owner is unique, but successful franchisees tend to have a few key qualities in common. These entrepreneurs have the drive to be in business for themselves and are looking for the best way to break into the marketplace. Franchises help individuals like this build a business with systems […]

What Kids and Parents Love About the iCode Franchise

What Kids and Parents Love About the iCode Franchise and why it is considered the best childrens franchise? The iCode franchise is a favorite amongst parents and kids alike making it one of the best children’s franchise opportunities. Our approach to STEM education blends hands-on activity with engaging instruction to create comprehensive programs that keep […]

Why Education Franchises Are on the Rise

Growth of the education franchise industry can attribute its expansion to changes in academics and labor demands. Find out why education franchises are positioned for continued growth and what factors have the largest impact. 1. Students Are Playing Catch Up from Remote Learning As students and their families continue to struggle from the effects of […]

What is Franchising and why to choose education franchise?

iCode is delving into franchising to offer aspiring entrepreneurs a clear pathway to business ownership. But what is franchising exactly and what is iCode offering? In exchange for a license agreement and fees, iCode will grant business owners rights to their brand’s trademark, systems, training and resources to help replicate the model in  your market.Read […]

The Importance of Soft Skills in Childhood Education

At iCode, a tech education franchise, we offer STEM classes that help foster students’ interest in tech and teach them valuable academic skills. While coding, computer science, engineering and math may be the stars of our curricula, we believe in the importance of soft skills in childhood education development as well. That’s why we integrate […]